New releases from Dark Sword

Dark Sword Miniatures have added several new 28mm fantasy figures to their online store.

From their announcement:

I am very happy to be able to release some of these new miniatures we have been working hard on before Gen Con Indy as we are in the 11th hour before lock-down for Gen Con. These will be the last releases until late August (after Gen Con).  We should have 14 other new releases that will be getting unveiled at the big Gen Con event in 17 days. Lots of stuff no one has seen yet (two more Guinea Pig Samurai minis, other new critters including a Mouse Fighter, and some crazy new Jeff Grace stuff) along with the Jen Haley Steampunk mini, Shae, Dani V2 and a big ol’ Dino with Rider and our first ever Resin kit. Gen Con Indy will be a fun time indeed folks.

Plus Dark Sword is sponsoring the Aces of Painting again this year which is always a great competition for a good cause. New Releases That Are Here and Ready for Shipping Out:

  1. Ser Ilyn Payne from the GRRM Masterworks line.
  2. Male Cleric from the Easley Masterworks line.
  3. Female Blind Warrior from the Visions in Fantasy line.
  4. Female Wood Elf Warrior from the Visions in Fantasy line.
  5. Male Wood Elf Warrior/Archer from the Visions in Fantasy line.
  6. Male Dark Elf Warrior (Dual Wield to boot) from the Visions in Fantasy line.

We have painted pictures of the above releases posted up and also have new painted miniatures posted up of Shae (by Jen Haley), SteamPunk Jen Haley (by Jen Haley) and the Draconid Warrior (by Matt Verzani).

So swing on by the Dark Sword site and check out all the new goodies.

Be sure to swing on by the Gen Con Indy – Dark Sword booth # 1309 – we are sharing with Elmore Productions (once again) and Tom Meier with Thunderbolt Mountain Miniatures for the first time ever. Should be fun – plus Tom has been working on some really cool new releases for his ranges that he will unveil at Gen Con Indy – so swing on by and say hi to both of us at Booth # 1309 (right next to Privateer Press towards the front of the hall).