New releases from Dark Realm

Dark Realm Miniatures have added several new 6mm Seeds of War releases as well as new spacecraft for their Hostile Stars space combat game.

Moridian launcher

From their announcement:

Seeds of War

The Moridian model is now available as are the new bases below.

  • Industrial terrain -Rectangular £2.00
  • Rocky terrain -Rectangular £2.00
  • Mud terrain -Rectangular £2.00
  • Industrial terrain -Circular £2.00
  • Rocky terrain -Circular £2.00
  • Mud terrain -Circular £2.00

Pax Arcadian Forces

  • Moridian launcher £6.50

Hostile Stars
Hostile Stars is seeing a number of new arrivals to its fleets. The Kraytonian Fleet welcomes the Souldagger Battleship and the Adnrayada fleet comes to life with its first ships, the Traltor Frigate and Velum Cruiser.

Andrayada Vessels

  • Traltor Frigate £4.50
  • Velum Cruiser £3.50

Kraytonian Vessel
Souldagger Battleship£8.00

As we speak there are still more models being worked on and I hope to get you pictures of them soon, until then happy gaming.