New releases from Black Scorpion

By tgn_admin
In Fantasy
Mar 27th, 2011

Black Scorpion Miniatures have added several new 28mm figures to their online store.

Undead Pirates

From their website:

We’ve just added new releases to the online store. A little delayed due to al the work on Cutlass lately! More updates on that coming very soon! For now we’ve added Elf Pirates 1, Undead Pirates 3 and Tombstone civilians 1 and 2. All priced £7.50 for 4 models. Click in the fantasy pirate and Tombstone sections to order. Enjoy! 

  • fattdex

    Really looking forward to the book. Hope there will be a complete enough range of figs available upon release!

    • Guinny

      Well, assuming it’s going to be a gang-level/Mordheim type skirmish game, the Black Scorpion Pirates and Fantasy Pirates ranges already contain 8 different crews, plus civilians, a giant, cannons, and a ninth crew (Elves) in progress. Should be enough to get started with!

  • mrbushtroll

    look good…….need to enlarge and price now…then see if me gold is getting merit