New releases from Amarillo Design Bureau shipping soon

By tgn_admin
In Sci-fi
Feb 18th, 2010

Amarillo Design Bureau will soon be shipping several new Federation Commander and Star Fleet Battles products. All of these are set to ship on February 22nd.

Federation & Empire: 2010 SKU #5006, $69.95
A new edition of F&E, updated with new larger sheets of counters. Totally revised and updated rules designed to improve playability (no more of those awkward carrier groups; every ship has its own counter). The new countersheet of bases is included.

Federation Commander Booster 92 SKU #4292, $9.95
Eight new entirely Federation Commander Ship Cards never available anywhere before now!
Federation New Drone Cruiser, Klingon D5D, Romulan SparrowHawk-M, Kzinti MDC, Gorn CLE, Tholian PCW, Lyran CWE, Seltorian CLE.

Starline 2400

  • ISC Battleship, SKU 1344, $11.95
  • Andromedan Terminator, SKU 1006, $5.95
  • Federation DDG and DDL, SKU 0228, $14.95
  • Federation Scout and DDF, SKU 0227, $14.95
  • Juggernaut, SKU 0080, $29.95

Starmada Rules Annex SKU #6125, $12.95

  • New Options: anti-fighter batteries, overthrusters, flotillas, limited ammunition.
  • New rules: 3d movement, interception, critical damage.
  • New traits: crew-killing, shield-ignoring, starship-exclusive, and/or catastrophic weapons.
  • Campaign system; intro to Sovereign Stars boardgame.