New Releases Available For DC Universe and Batman Miniatures Games From Knight Models

By Polar_Bear
In Miniatures Game
Apr 18th, 2017

Knight Models has posted up a new batch of releases for their DC Universe Miniatures Game as well as their Batman Miniatures Game. Much of it falls distinctly into the “villain” category, including one of the most villainous villains to ever villain: Darkseid. You’ve got him along with some of his Parademons. The Falcone Crime Family also makes an appearance. So does Professor Pyg. To try and keep it all in check is Shazam.

From the announcement:

Good news everyone! We are glad to show you our new releases! Hope you like them as much as we do!

You can find them on our webstore!


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  • Samuel Thrower

    Darkseid looks awesome. However I don’t think he looks 65-70 dollars awesome

    • Ghool

      Their prices always make me choke.
      And people complain about GW pricing….
      For one to play Darkseid and his 3 Parademons is almost 100 Euro.

      Almost $200CAD for 4 models. Ouch.

  • Samuel Thrower

    yeah a starter crew for Batman is like 40-50 for 5 or six models. Not that amount for one guy.