New releases at has added several new 1:50 scale vehicles and other models to their online store.

M5A1 Stuart

From their announcement: received new inventory of 1:50th scale W.W. II armored vehicles. We also received new accessories, paint brushed and bases:

New 1:50th scale vehicles

  • U.S. M5 “Stuart” W/ Early Turret
  • U.S. M5A1 “Stuart”
  • U.S. M8 “Scott” H.M.C.
  • German Sturmgeschutz III Ausf. D
  • German PzKpfw B1 bis “flamme”
  • British Infantry Tank MkII “Matilda”
  • British Infantry Tank MkIII “Valentine”
  • French “Somua” S35
  • French CharB1 bis

Vehicle accessory

  • Russian tank commander
  • 30Cal MMG
  • 50Cal HC HMG
  • MG 42 MMG
  • MG 34 LMG
  • W.W. II Weapons pack #1
  • W.W. II Weapons pack #2
  • PzKpfw IVH upgrade kit

Paint brushes & bases

  • 0 Red Sable Paint brush
  • 000 Red Sable Paint brush
  • 2 Red Sable Paint brush
  • 5/0 White Taklon Paint brush
  • 25mm Round plastic bases (25pcs)
  • 25mm Square plastic bases (25pcs)
  • 25x50mm plastic bases (5 pcs)

Come on over and have a look.