New releases and previews from Gripping Beast

Gripping Beast have added several new packs of figures from their TWDC Great War range as well as a new preview of their plastic Viking figures.

From their website:

TWDC French arrive
Just added the French Officers, NCOs, Bombers, Hotchkiss HMG and Section Packs. These come with a choice of separate heads – Adrien, Foreign Legion, Kepi, Light Infantry, Marines, Senegalese & Zoaves. All available here.

Men In Shorts
New British Section Pack containing chaps in 1914 leather patten webbing, serge jackets (or indeed Khaki Drill, turndown collar version) and shorts. As usual, there is a pool of 16 different figures from which each section pack of 10 is drawn. Available here.

Metal & Plastic Join Forces
Here is a small display we managed to put together for Salute featuring both some new plastic Vikings and some of their new metal cousins. Click here for a closer look.

The new Viking metals are available now here.