New releases and preview from Dark Realm

Dark Realm Miniatures have released three new miniatures for their 6mm Seeds of War range and also posted a preview of a new vessel for their Hostile Stars space combat game.

Hyperion transport
Hyperion transport

From their website:

It has been an enlightening past few months trying out a CAD system for some of our new designs which have turned out very well. Although it is early to say, we are hoping to do more models this way which has given us a variety of options. Enjoy.

Have a great Christmas.

Seeds of War
It has been touch and go whether we would be able to release these models in time. However, with the help of our casters we managed it.

  • The Hyperion transport
  • The Kronos fighter
  • The Triton gunship

Hostile Stars
Back in November we spoke about doing a CAD design for the Andrayada battleship based on the concept sketch we had along with a possible variant if it all went well. Below is a picture of the battleship with various pieces added together as an example.

So what’s the status now? Well, while doing the transport and fighter models for Seeds of War we have rescaled them for Hostile Stars and these are ready for print. More designs will be done for the other forces as well as the Pax so that they can be used for both games.