New Releases and Pre-Orders Available From Warlord Games

Yeah, that headline’s a bit vague. But Warlord Games did one of their “here’s a whoooooooooole ton of stuff!” releases. And so, either it’s put a whole bunch of their mixed games together, or have almost half of today’s posts just about the new stuff. There’s lots of new Viking/Saxon pieces for Hail Caesar. There’s a Test of Honour set. A new tank for Bolt Action. And a new drone for Beyond the Gates of Antares.
Like I said, it’s a lot of stuff.

New Viking Hirdmen

Hirdmen were professional soldiers within a Viking lord’s household (hird).

32 plastic Viking Hirdmen warriors
Colour decal sheet
Colour banner sheet


New Viking Bondi

Bondi were free men, craftsmen, farmers, sailors and traders.

32 plastic Viking Bondi warriors
Colour decal sheet
Colour banner sheet


New Saxon Ceorls

Ceorls (also spelt Churls) were free peasants who formed the basis of society in Anglo-Saxon England.
Their free status was marked by their right to bear arms, military service in the fyrd (army), attendance at local courts, and payment of dues directly to the king.


New Saxon Thegns

Thegns, the wealthy noblemen of Anglo-Saxon kingdoms, served as retainers for their lords, fulfilling their obligation of military service.
Well-trained and equipped, thegns served as infantrymen, clad in chain mail armour and iron helmets shields.


New Viking Starter Army

Expand to new lands and raid across Britania with a full Viking army!

This Starter set includes:

1 exclusive Viking Warlord
4 metal Beserkers
64 plastic Hirdman
64 plastic Bondi
4 waterslide decal sheet for Viking shields


New Saxon Starter Army

This complete starter set includes:

1 exclusive metal Saxon Warlord
4 metal Saxon Hearthguard
64 Saxon Ceorls
64 Saxon Thegns
4 waterslide decal sheets for shields


Pre-order Sohei Temple Defence

Bundle contains:
S?hei – Warrior Monks of Mount Hiei,
S?hei – Warrior Monk Archers,
S?hei – Warrior Monks with Naginata,
Temple Gateway


Pre-order HETZER Plastic Zug

The Hetzer – or Jagdpanzer 38t to give it its proper designation – was a small-sized and cheap alternative to the bigger tank destroyers such as the Jagdtigers and Jagdpanther. It carried a relatively powerful 75mm gun – a version of that used on the Stug III. The little vehicle’s frontal armour was as good as that of most Allied tanks although its side armour was relatively weak.


New C3M25 Heavy Combat Drone

The M25 series provides the basis for the ultimate fighting machines available to the armed forces of the Concord Combined Command or C3. These are extremely heavily armed and armoured drones used to spearhead major offensives or assault massive defences. M25 drones are also used in static defence and to eliminate enemy drones from long ranges. M25 heavy combat drones are unsurpassed in terms of armament and ability to withstand retaliatory fire.