New releases and auctions from Olleys Armies

Olleys Armies have sent along word of some new releases, upcoming products and eBay auctions.

From their announcement:

I have just added the Scrunt Legwalkers to our website shop, unfortunately because of their heavy weight we have had to price them at £15 each, the Judge Legwalkers however, which are lighter cost only £12.50. We also have a new name for the Legwalkers, we are calling them “Assault Stonkers” (I hope you like it) and they can be found in our website shop on the webpage “Machines”.

I have also added a link to Bob’s ebay auction listings on the website homepage. Over the coming weeks you’ll find allsorts of minis there, because basically we’ve run out of storage space and so Bob has agreed to slim down his personal mini collection. I also plan to sell incomplete sets of Olleys Armies minis and end of range items there too.

Now onto New Miniatures, we plan to release a large set of Scrunt Juves in April, so please check our workbench page near the end of March for pictures.

Finally, our Auction of Ranges went well and the 6 Minotaurs, Alice Meets Caterpillar and Puffy the Pompous Dragon, now have new owners. Links to new owners will be updated on our website links page shortly.