New release from Pig Iron

Pig Iron Productions have added a Feral HQ pack to their online store.

Feral HQ

From their announcement:

Our latest release is a HQ pack for the ferals which has been quite an interesting range to develop. The headgear gets stranger with every release.

I’ve been getting a bit of help on the sculpting front by Sean Green who did quite a bit of work on the HQ pack. He’s a great sculptor who generally works at a larger scale and has done some great work for various companies including Forgeworld and Rackham plus his own range of large scale figures. He was keen to get into 28mm scale and liked the Ferals so he took some pre-cast parts with sketches and headed back to deepest Sale and the results speak for themselves.

He has also worked on another pack of Ferals with nasty close combat blades which I am finishing off for casting at the moment.

I have also completed some new dollies on the System Trooper range – this will speed up things and get some more packs released soon.