New Reaper previews

By tgn_admin
In Western
Jun 16th, 2011

Reaper Miniatures have updated their Greens and Preview pages with photos of three new 28mm Western figures.

  • Dead Kennedy

    Those Strange Aeons figures are looking great! (Presumably SA, or Chronoscope). Definitely like the gunslinger and ranger.

  • Unfortunetaly those aren’t 28mm, more like 32-35mm. I tryed to mix newer Reaper along with Warlord Games, GW or Hasslefree, they are just incredibly large.

    Nice miniatures, but to large to mix 🙁

  • Dead Kennedy

    Dark Heaven Legends is a good line to mix with others. They tend to be a bit shorter, more for RPGs and are less “heroic scale”. CScope and Warlord do skew towards 32mm though, most definitely. Reaper always adds those little measure-sticks on the side to give a sense of scale.

  • Tommygun

    I love the old lady with the cats.
    Fun mini.