New range of products from Kromlech

Kromlech has will soon be releasing a new series of resin accessories.


From their announcement:

Kromlech starts to produce new range of products – Vehicles and vehicle bits.

First products are two small turrets for upcoming orc vehicles from Orc War 2 range.

I wanted to make vehicles (and separate parts and upgrades for vehicles) from the very beginning of Kromlech. Then I spotted talented modeller on one of the forums dedicated to wargaming hobby. It was Cyril who contacted me first though. After exchanging of few emails we joined forces and new range of bits was born.

We work on this project for some time now and at last it comes to fruition. Turrets you can see below are first in a series of orc vehicle bits and parts for our Orc War 2 range and you can expect a lot more on a regular basis (and not only for orcs).
Designed by Cyril Hamelin. Painted by Milosz Brendel.

Each turret consist of 4 parts (turret, weapon, base plate with turret ring, and small circle for gluing to the turret bottom matching the turret ring). There are four different turret weapons for now all pictured below.