New range of 28mm concrete sewers and ruins from Urban Construct

Urban Construct have released a new range of subterranean sewer and ruin terrain pieces.


From their announcement:

This new range of resin cast concrete style sewers form modular parts of a subterranean city level and they fit with our other sewer models, roads, basements and buildings to form a complete 3D urban environment. Side panels are concrete effect with pipes, cracks, metal work, and rough surface texture.

Dimensions: wide enough to accommodate 40mm bases or two 25mm bases side by side. Deeper at 42mm to suit 28mm figures.
Also new is our range of junk to compliment the sewers or as battlefield objective markers. Those fuel drums may come in handy!

See the website for 20% sale & free postage on Atlantik Wall deal. Also 20% discount on other WWII fortifications.