New range from Under Fire Miniatures

Under Fire Miniatures are launching a new range of 20mm Modern British miniatures.

From their announcement:

Announcing the launch of my new range of 2010 Helmand Brits. They come in three packs of four figures each and a tripod mounted GPMG + 3 crew. The packs are as follows…

1/ Patrol pack containing 4 figures with SA80, SA80 w/UBL, GPMG and the new 7.62mm ‘Sharpshooter’ rifle.

2/ Active pack containing 4 figures. One has an LSW, another carries a MAW & has a pistol grip on his SA80. There is a running/crouching medic figure who carries a medic pack and finally there is a soldier carrying an SA80 & day sack.

3/ Fighting pack. This pack contains 4 figures. 2 are kneeling/firing with the Marksman sniper rifle and the 7.62mm ‘Sharpshooter’ rifle. The other 2 are firing SA80’s, one of which has a UBL.

4/ Finally. This pack is a 3 man sustained fire GPMG team. The loader is bareheaded, the gunner sitting on a sandbag and the team commander is pointing out targets for them. This is my favorite pack and will make a very good diorama.