New range for Great Escape Games

Great Escape Games is now offering new WWII miniature platoon and support packs.

German Grenadier box

From their announcement:

We have recently teamed up with Artizan Designs and North Star Military Figures to provide a new range of miniatures. The new range is using Artizan Designs World War 2 range which has then been put together to match the Orders of Battle from Rules of Engagement. Each force features a core platoon, the basic building block to any RoE force, consisting of a platoon Command and 2 Squads/Sections. Added to this are additional Squads/Sections and Company Support options which are exactly the same as those featured in our various publications. Added together this makes collecting an RoE force incredibly easy. Simply pick up the core platoon and then add the Company Support options you want and you’re done. We will be adding complete armies to the webstore very soon which will provide gamers with everything that they will need to game with a particular platoon in one simple purchase and will also represent additional value.

Have a look at the webstore at each force. We have miniatures for British and Canadian Infantry, British Airborne, US Infantry and Airborne, German Grenadiers, Fallschirmjager, and Waffen SS. I’m sure you’ll be as pleased with them as we are.