New Raiden aircraft releases

Raiden Miniatures have released new 1:285th scale aircraft.

From their website:

We are pleased to advise that we have 2 new planes available . First up is the Junkers Ju-88A1 for all you Battle of Britain fans. Second for you Korean War fans we have a Mig-15. And yes before you ask a F-86 Sabre will be along soon.

Thanks for all your kind comments about our new 1/600th ranges, it is appreciated. Some more information about our first Luft ’46 planes will come out in early April. Also we should clear up a misconception that the Project Cancelled range is only for modern planes.

It will also eventually include some WWII planes that don’t fit in with the Luft ’46 range. For example expect Gloster Reapers, Supermarine 317’s & FW 187’s.

The workbench & Pick the week have been updated.