New Previews Posted For Big Trouble in Little China Board Game

By Polar_Bear
In Board Games
Feb 22nd, 2017

We’ve just got a far-East theme thing going on today, it seems. Let’s keep that going with a look at some of the previews that’ve come out for the Big Trouble in Little China board game that Everything Epic Games has been working on.
You were not put upon this Earth to “get it,” Mr. Burton!

From the Everything Epic website:

They told you to go to hell… and that’s just where you’re going… Play as Jack Burton or one of his brave friends, on the mysterious quest to rescue the green-eyed beauty, defeat Lo Pan’s ancient magic, and save Chinatown from his evil minions… in Big Trouble in Little China the Game!


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  • Ghool

    There is no way I cannot buy this.

  • Davos Seaworth

    I want to like it, but boy… when small designers get a big license sometimes that’s a recipe for disaster. Plus add buckets of plastic minis and you’ve got a recipe for potential problems unless you’re really well-acquainted with production schedules/methods. I wish them the best of luck though.

  • DB

    I’m relieved this involves the original and not the pending remake. The original is a classic.

  • hvedhrungr

    This is a game/adaption where I would have been OK with less plastic and more cardboard. Even wooden meeples. There’s a lot you can do these days with customised meeples and/or stickers.
    Having backed and played a lot of the plastic bomber board games, quite often it’s style over substance. I’d hate for that to happen to one of my favourite movies…