New previews from Immortal Miniatures

Immortal Miniatures have posted a preview of a new chariot and upcoming plastic Persian infantry figure.

From their announcement:

Painted Assyrian Kings Chariot.
This has been delayed for various reasons, but I am happy to say that the molds are now being worked on for production! This is a complete metal and resin kit (resin parasol) based upon the depictions of Ashurbanipal. Tim Adcock has done an outstanding job on the chariot, as he has with some other chariots on my sculpting desk! Although this will not be for sale for a week of so, I thought you may appreciate a look.

Next on the plastic’s list…
Ive had a lot of questions about whether I am going to expand the plastics range.. the answer is yes! The Hoplites took a while to be released because working on plastic figures was very new to me (and they are quite a complex kit!). below you will see a pre-view of the Persian infantry kit (wip) which will be released later this year. You will be able to assemble them all as archers or have the front rank with spara and spear. I expect there will be 40-50 in each box for the same price as the Greeks, but this is to be confirmed. I have another two sets which will be released before the Persians, but I am leaving the pre-views of them until a little later.