New preview models and art for AE-WWII

Blackball Games is showing off some more models and a couple concept art pieces for AE-WWII they’ve been working on since their successful Kickstarter.

From the preview:

We’ve got a lot of great previews for you in this update. You’ll see photos (bad ones) of the first three new models we’ve had sculpted for the new edition: the Kreighexe, the SS Vampire and the Draugr! We’re very happy with how these models have turned out and we’re sending them over to our painting team right away. Can’t wait to see them on the battlefield!

In addition, we have two pieces of art for the Soviets! Attached are the final pic for the NKVD Puppet Master and a WIP of the Telekinetic. These powerful psychic soldiers of the USSR will give the SS a run for their money.

  • They absolutely need better photos… and probably better sculpts… These one look terribly old school (though old school minis can be charming sometimes).

    New concept arts are interesting. If they can manage to give them nice new sculpts.

  • Bewulf

    “Kreighexe” – German, you are doing it wrong.

    Otherwise I agree with the statement from Nemesis: Interesting concepts, soso sculpts.

  • Nightbee

    I don’t know, I think they look OK. Not much worse than most of the AE-WWII line in terms of sculpt quality.

    Now when Phoenix comes out and look like that, I’ll be ready to complain.

  • I think they are fine, the extreme close-ups don’t do them any justice with them being out of focus.

    I think they were quick shots to show production to the backers. Probably nothing to worry about as Blackball is 100% concerned with quality.

  • grimbergen

    Yeah… 5/6/7/8? years ago these were servicable, but doesn’t seem like Darkson/Blackball kept up with the times and I’m sad to say the release in the past 2-3 years have been very disappointing. they were barely acceptable back then, but now with the proliferation of skirmish games and especially other weird war or strictly ww2 like 1:48 combat AE is quickly becoming substandard.

    Usually the concept art is great and the sculpting can’t match up to it, but here even the concept art is quite underwhelming.