New plastic Napoleonic British Infantry from Warlord Games

By Polar_Bear
In Historical
Mar 2nd, 2014

Warlord Games has started a pre-order for two new British Infantry plastic box sets that are part of their Black Powder Napoleonic line.


From the announcement:

Our two latest plastic boxed sets take us back to the Napoleonic Wars! We are now adding two British Line Infantry sets to our existing French and Russian plastic ranges…

Available for pre-orders from today are Peninsular War British Line Infantry and Waterloo British Line Infantry – ready to march into battle and crush the tyrant Bonaparte’s armies!

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  • Riquende

    British in a marching pose? Everyone knows that the British spent the whole Peninsular war standing in a line on the Portuguese border, firing 3 rounds a minute. And at Waterloo, they spent a summer afternoon standing in squares, equally not moving.

    I fail to see what use these ‘marching’ British troops are.

    • puster

      Well, somehow and sometime they must have moved from the Portugese border to Waterloo, probably by marching. Somewhere in France they swapped their dress from “Peninsular” to “Waterloo” and then arrived and formed squares to awais the return of Napoleon.

      This set enables the wargamer to recreate the second half of that monumental march.