New plastic box sets from Privateer Press

By Polar_Bear
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Nov 9th, 2012

Privateer Press continues consolidating their products with 2 new infantry box sets (one Cygnar, one Khador) as well as an official battle box starter set for Retribution.

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  • Soulfinger

    I guess I don’t get it. I had always heard that Warmachine was the “affordable” alternative to Warhammer, but these Winter Guard plastics are running $3.85 a figure
    versus $2.90 each for comparable Imperial Guard from GW. In fact, the metal Vostroyans come out cheaper at $3.50 each, so did I miss something or is the whole affordability angle just bunkus?

    • The “affordable” generally comes from the percentage of the army, as a whole, that it takes up. That box set is going to take up 9 points of your 35-50 point army. Whereas a unit of Imperial Guard doesn’t generally take up 1/4 to 1/5 of a 40k army’s point total.

  • Bossk_Hogg

    Warmahordes is cheaper to run a game overall. You need less minis, so its less definately expensive to field a force in a tournament/league.

    Overall, it also is less expensive per figure. Sure, grunt infantry troop prices are relatively similar. However look at the 20 bucks for a Failcast human sized commander vs the price for a warlock/warcaster and you’ll quickly see where the cheaper per model comes in. There are some corner cases with both companies, but overall, Warmachines/Hordes is cheaper.

    • Soulfinger

      I can dig it. Thanks for the answer, guys. Smaller forces is what shifted my interest back to Mordheim/Necromunda and the like. WH40k used to use a lot less figures (and, of course, cost less too). I’ve always looked for an excuse to try Warmachine, but the aesthetic just doesn’t suit me.

      • I’ve been moving towards smaller-sized games as well lately. Bushido’s my skirmish game of choice at the moment, what with only having 5 or so models per side in a game.

  • Are those Winterguard monoblock minis? The arms looks like they could be separate but the poses on the promo picture are totally identical, in my eyes.
    If they are, I am sorely disappointed (and continue to buy WH40K Vostroyans on Ebay instead).

  • ater daeus

    These are such a good deal. The Winterguard went down $20 and the Stormguard went down $30. When has GW done that? Never.

    Soulfinger – Polar Bear is correct. It’s cheaper in that that winter guard unit can be 30 percent of your army. It’s be like getting full maxed out units of space marines for $50 instead of needing 2-3 $35 box sets.