New Pendraken releases

Pendraken Miniatures have added several new packs of 10mm miniatures to their online store.

20th Century | Spanish Civil War range

  • SCV1 1920s/30s truck

20th Century | World War II French range

  • FRE5 Laffly 50AM armoured car

20th Century | World War I range
Western Front British

  • BP34 Thornycroft 4 ton with tilt
  • BP36 London Bus

Western Front German

  • GP32 Erhardt armoured car


  • F23 White armoured car

New range Fantasy | Samurai Apes

  • FSA1 With katana
  • FSA2 With naginata
  • FSA3 Archer
  • FSA4 Command
  • FSA5 Mounted archer on tiger