New Painting Mum painting tutorial

By tgn_admin
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Jan 31st, 2011

The Painting Mum blog has a new tutorial showing how to achieve chiaroscuro effect on your miniatures.

From their announcement:

Ana a.k.a. the Painting Mum says:
“I keep receiving mail and private messages from hobbyists, most of them very kind and encouraging. Thanks for this! Some people ask me questions about my painting methods or techniques. Sometimes I don’t have enough time to respond to all of them individually, but some of my answers could be useful to more people than only the person who asked the question.

I will be trying to publish such answers on this blog.

So here is one of such answers – expanded with some more information and served for your pleasure 🙂

‘How to build chiaroscuro with glazes?'”

  • lparigi34

    WoW!!! Awesome blog… I am kind of a decent painter w/ 10 year of experience. Your blog is so refreshening, IMHO even for experienced and much better than few guides and tutorials I’ve been through.

    Loved the article for chiroscuro, I have had a half painted mounted priest mini in the shelf for a month now, undecided on how to paint the tabbard. I will go for it now using your technique. Love the idea of starting with the 70% highlight level, feel so dumb myself of not coming up with this before, I think the idea is unsurpassable, specially when the base color is dark/strong.


  • We’re glad you liked the tutorial. If it wasn’t for the readers and such positive feedback, the whole thing wouldn’t be worth the effort! 🙂