New owner for Alpha Forge sci-fi games and minis

Mega Minis have announced the purchase of the Alpha Forge range of miniatures and rules.

From their announcement:

Mega Miniatures at is pleased to announce the acquisition of Alpha Forge Games Star Mogul and supporting miniatures line. This collection includes roughly 100 metal figures and vehicles designed by Rod Tyson.

President Johnny Lauck will begin casting and inputting products into the Mega Miniatures eBay and traditional online stores beginning October 16th through October 20th.

The rules books will become free downloads, with new artwork, scenarios, and battle reports. A rough estimate of the re-release schedule is as follows…

  • SALVAGE CREW Miniatures Catalog (released on October 20th or sooner) original figure part numbers are changing.
  • SALVAGE CREW (Book One) Star Mogul rules (re-released around February 1st 2011) Free download
  • SALVAGE CREW (Book Two) Asteroid Miners (re-released around May 1st 2011) Free download
  • SALVAGE CREW (Book Three) Hydrissian (re-released around September 1st 2011) Free download
  • SALVAGE CREW (Book Four) Mephalians (re-released around December 1st 2011) Free download
  • SALVAGE CREW (Book Five) Blood Brothers (new-release around February 1st 2012) currently in the works

The Blood Brothers book will kick off our inclusion of our Demon Blade miniatures line integration into the Salvage Crew universe.