New Otherworld preview

Otherworld Miniatures have updated their Coming Soon page with details of several new packs of 28mm fantasy figures. All of these are expected to be released in early March.

Giant Slug
This is a Giant Slug, sculpted by Nick Genovese, and cast in resin (with seperate pewter optical tentacles). The model is 170mm long and is not supplied with a base. The photo shows an O3 Pig-faced Orc for scale. £22.50

This is a Roper, sculpted by John Pickford, and cast in pewter. This multi-part model is supplied with 2 sprues of 3 tentacles, and is 45mm tall. It is supplied with a 40mm round base. £11.00

Bone Devil
This is a Bone Devil, sculpted by Paul Muller, and cast in pewter. This is a multi-part model (body, arms/weapon, tail) which stands at 42mm tall to the top of its head. It is supplied with a 30mm round base. £11.00

Faerie Folk I
This is a quartet of miniatures sculpted by Andrew Rae, and cast in pewter. The set includes a Leprechaun (14.5mm tall to the eye), a Pixie (16mm tall to the eye, with seperate wings), a Sprite (15mm tall to the eye, seperate wings) and a Brownie (13mm tall to the eyes). This pack includes 4 x 20mm round bases. £11.00