New Orky pre-orders from Games Workshop

By Polar_Bear
In 40K
Jun 8th, 2014

Games Workshop is taking orders for their new Flash Gitz unit over on their webshop.



From the release:

Behold the Flash Gitz! The richest and most obnoxious of all the Orks. These wanton mercenaries travel the galaxy flaunting their flashy kit and engaging in acts of outrageous piracy. But don’t be fooled by their ostentation. A mob of Gitz are exceptionally skilled at breaking ‘eads and they are lethal in a firefight – Gork knows when they open fire it’s nothing short of cataclysmic.

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  • The Beast Rampant

    Do their Kustom Kombi-Weapons still have all sorts of different effects and catastrophic failures?

  • Haibane

    Going by the sneak look at their rules I saw posted up on Bols, looks like the only extra level of random they’ve got is that the unit rolls a D6 to determine the AP value every time it shoots. Still, can hardly expect much more than that considering the size of game 40k is designed around now.

    Also, looks like they’re now called ‘snazzguns’ BLEEEEGH.

    • Soulfinger

      I think they’ve been snazzguns at least since the 5th ed codex? Having played orks since RT, I yearn for the days of mad boyz, wild boyz, cyboars, and the uncertainty of ork technology. Then again, I also wish my old figures weren’t half the size of my new ones. My old scorcher doesn’t even look like it’s for the same game, which I suppose it isn’t.

      • One of my personal turn-offs for getting back into 40k is the loss of a lot of the cartoony character for the Orks.

        I remember when Stormboyz were the rebellious youth of Ork culture, marching in formation, making sure they had finely-polished boots and clean uniforms. Back when you had to take a unit of Bad Moons (for the money) and a Mad Doc (for the knowhow) in order to take a Dreadnaught. That kind of stuff.

        I know they’ve brought a few things back, like the Shokk Attack Gun, but it just doesn’t feel the same.
        Like how they limit what kind and how many upgrades you can put on an Ork vehicle. That juts makes no sense at all. I should be able to put a wrecker ball, boarding plank, reinforced ram, big grabber, spikes and blades, supercharged engine, grot riggers and a red paint job on even my buggies, because Gork knows any Ork would really do that if possible.

    • 4tonmantis

      In 2nd Ed, Flashgitz were only “kind of” an actual thing.. You took Kaptin Badrukk and he let you take a special unit of Freebooter Pirates that were allowed heavy weapons and wargear. In the Breebooterz book they got hit with a nerf bat and only one was allowed heavy weapons and the unit could pay points to roll on a chart for weapons. None of those happened to be Snazzguns either. In the 3rd/4th Ed Codex they had Shootas and just added Kustom Jobs to those. The current, 5th Ed Codex has them listed as Snazzguns.

      I checked Gorkamorka. Can’t check the old Clanz rules because my White Dwarf 289 seems to have gone missing. Also can’t find my copy of RT or ‘Ere We go.. so can’t check those :/ Either way though.. they’re currently called Snazzguns so I don’t understand the grief on that.

  • The Beast Rampant

    I’m with you, Soulfinger!

    PB, I don’t think I have ever been as excited about a wargame as when that Ork army list came out (WD#118, or thereabouts?). I loved the layered force building aspect (buying this squad gets you one of those squads, which gets you one of that clan’s nobz, etc).

    And yeah, if they felt such (very orky) massive upgrades unbalanced the game, they should upcharge additional mods. IMO, with points-based games, that is how it should be done. Much better to make it a matter of diminishing returns, rather than arbitrarily say “you can’t do that, because we say so. Eat your peas”.

    • One day in 3rd edition, I looked at all the possible upgrades for a buggy and simply went, “… what happens if I buy them all?”
      And then I did.
      And it was awesome!
      It effectively doubled the cost of the thing and made it no less fragile (it was still an ARM 10, open-topped vehicle after all), but it certainly did just about everything on the battlefield in a hilarious fashion.

      The most-fun part afterward was actually modding up 3 buggies to have all that junk on them.
      And yes, I did it, happily.

  • The Beast Rampant

    There you go- you’re a right proper orky player!

    • They’ve been sitting in their Plano tackle box for about 8 years now (or whenever 4th came out. I stopped just before that). They’ve come out once, to try out 6th. It wasn’t my cup-o-tea.

      I was really hoping that 7th edition was just going to be 3.5th edition printed twice in the same book. 😛

  • Soulfinger

    I agree, Polar_Bear. Look at the modern Weirdboy. Where the hell are all of his bells, copper staff, and minderz, and why doesn’t he look terrified about being dragged out onto the battlefield? My biggest disappointment with 7th so far was the revision of the 6th edition ally chart, which allowed an IG/Ork army. I had been looking forward to doing a Blood Axe army with RT-era IG squads “in the guise of mercenaries,” human adventurers, and some slaves in Gorka Morka style. I still can with unbound, or whatever it’s called, but . . . meh.

    4ton, I did notice that in Ere We Go, there is a “Snazzy Bitz” table for kustomizing weapons, so the whole snazzgun thing does kind of have a precedent as far back as that. Like Haibane, I don’t like the name, but it isn’t anything new.

    I think anyone playing orcs, or 40K in general, should read the old “Ere We Go” and “Waaargh: Orks” to get a feel for the evolution of the game (and an understanding of exactly how much text is just cut and pasted from edition to edition). You can usually find them on Scribd.

    • 4tonmantis

      Yeah, I agree on the old Ork books being required reading.
      So many people assume that Orks or this or that.. usually brutes, or idiots, or animals.. whatever.. and that all of their technology is just slapped together ala Mad Max.

      If people were to see the roots of what Orks really are, it’s extremely involved and interesting. What we see now is a hollow shell of what GW has established back in the day. Most “modern” ork players haven’t heard of a Braincrusha, don’t know that genetic understanding of things like space travel is acquired by the weirdboyz who end up being spored for those types of jobs. Any culture that can make something like a Shokk Attack Gun or a Telly Porta, has clearly got some sort of intelligence. As hokey and crappy as the old Final Liberation videos were, I loved em. All that cheezy 2nd ed art.. I’ll take that. I’m thrilled to the gills that GW is starting to bring back the deeper Ork lore.

      However.. The rules for the Smashagun and Bubblechukka are extremely underwhelming. While I understand not going super detailed with intricate rules on them.. I think the path they chose is a cop out. Now that they have the models though, it’ll be easier for better rules to follow later at least :/

      This long post brought to you by a drunken ork player

      • Soulfinger

        The Smashagun and Bubblechukka are tremendously disappointing and prime examples of this ‘randomness equals rolling a D6 for strength/AP’ philosophy. If I recall, the old Epic Bubblechukka projected bubbles that would surround a vehicle. When the target vehicle fired its weapons, the shots would rebound and strike it. The randomness with weapons like that was the inherent finickiness of the ordnance with bubbles popping and such. Same thing with the squig catapult from 1st and 2nd. The randomness was where, or if, the squigs would fly after they struck their initial target. A 1d6 Strength weapon is not the unpredictability that I’d come to expect. Not one of those guns has a chance of blowing up in a spectacular fashion or accidentally targeting friendly units.

        • 4tonmantis

          Yeah, it’s disappointing for sure. One note though.. one of them has “Gets Hot” so there is that.. I feel a bit like it’s just a repeat of the ZZap Gun though.

          My Epic book is another one I haven’t been able to find since we moved to California.. but I vaguely remember that the Bubblechukka was a forcefield that was inverted..or somesuch. I remember reading that it’s primary form of attack was to constrict around it’s target, smooshing the everlovin crap out of whatever was inside.

          Smashagun was an early name for Lifta Droppa.. which is an all time favorite of mine.. I was beyond disappointed there.

          The Traktor Kannon.. now that is a bit interesting. It serves a great purpose.. even if it deviates strongly from it’s original use. I had hoped that it would be able to move units.. because man.. the game desparately needs a shakeup like that to keep the beardy tactics down. (looking at you Rhino snipers)

          I’m not too put off with all of this though because well.. a Morkanaut is more or less a Mekboy Stompa (I vaguely recall them being weedier than a regular Stompa).

          If I were to hope for anything going forward with these releases or even just new entries in the codex.. it would be:
          Piggies (give us back our Cyboars already)
          Gunwagons (as a replacement for looted vehicles since those are reportedly being removed)
          Nazdreg returns
          That Weirdboy on p26 of the 2nd ed codex.