New Orcs & Goblins Battalion added

Games Workshop have added a new Warhammer Fantasy Orcs & Goblins Battalion boxed set to their online store.

From their website:

The Orcs and Goblins are one of the most brutal, warlike races in Warhammer. Traditionally they will go to war as an endless horde of green-skinned warriors, their only goal to fight everything in their path. What isn’t destroyed will almost certainly flee in terror. Better to run than try and fight the green tide.

The Orcs & Goblins Battalion contains four regiments to start the core of your army – Orc Boyz, Goblins, Spider Riders and Orc Boar Boyz – which you can lead into the most violent battles possible. It is also a fantastic way to boost the size of an existing Orcs & Goblins army, by giving you more regiments to choose from or, alternatively, making your existing units ones larger.

This set contains 20 Goblins (which can be equipped with spears or hand weapons and includes the option for a command group), 15 Orc Boyz (which can be equipped with a variety of Choppas and includes the option for a command group), 10 Forest Goblin Spider Riders (which include the option for a command group), and 5 Orc Boar Boyz (which can be equipped with hand weapons or spears and includes the option for a command group).

  • BlazeXI


    • Zac

      Could you expand on that a bit? A single word doesn’t really say much

    • mathieu

      Could you elaborate on what you find poor about it? Is it the number of models for the price, the choice of units?

      • BlazeXI


        for a price of 55 quid we get worse selection of models compared to the previous one, which did cost 51,25 quid.

        Old content:
        19 Orc Warriors,
        20 Night Goblins,
        10 Forest Spider Riders,
        1 Orc Boar Chariot.

        New content:
        15 Orc Warriors
        20 Goblins
        10 Forest Spider Raiders
        5 Orc Boarboys

        So for higher price, a potential buyer gets reduction of one Orc Boyz sprue, exchange of Boar Chariot for a Boar Boyz regiment (equal price) and an exchange of Night Goblins for regular goblins (equal price).
        I like the introduction of Boar Boys in place of the boar chariot (dating from 2000), but the goblins in place of Night Goblins is bad, and only to promote Nasty Skulkers.

        I appologise, if anyone was offended by my laconic first post, but that is how I have felt after reading the content. I cannot believe anyone is happy with it. And I know Savage Orcs are too new to be there.

        • Zac

          I appologise, if anyone was offended by my laconic first pos

          No-one was offended by it. I’m not sure why you’d think that. But it was rather missing any sort of content.

        • I gotta’ agree with you about this being sort of lack-luster for being $95. Including a Hero choice in these boxes would be a smart idea, because these things aren’t playable on their own which seems sort of silly to me.

          I do think there should be separate ones, though, because not everyone is going to want to use Goblins. I would love to see an alternate Battalion that’s tailored to Savage Orcs.

          • Zac

            I gotta’ agree with you about this being sort of lack-luster for being $95.

            $115 in Canada despite our dollar being higher than the US.

          • Oh GW; have they no shame?

          • Veritas

            It’s 11,300 yen in Japan. That’s roughly $137 USD.

  • 50 miniatures for $95 USD or roughly $1.90 per fig. Shame on GW.

    • abbysdad

      Watch it now. No fraternizing with the enemy! I agree that the mix of minis could have been better but that’s a pretty reasonable price for the high quality plastic minis you do get.

  • keltheos

    It wouldn’t be so bad if they mixed in a unit of the new savages it’d be more palatable. Right now it’s what’s been around for years (well at least the boarboys are newish).