New Orc Star Player from Willy-Miniatures up on the artist’s page

Ramos-Gallery posted up some photos of an Orc Star Player they’ve been working on for Willy Miniatures.

From them to you:

New miniature for Willy-Miniatures, a champion Orc for fantasy football. 32mm to top.

  • Soulfinger

    Gee, I wonder who “Varg” there is supposed to be a proxy for. The skull on his helmet looks kind of silly.

    • Soulfinger

      Woops. I accidentally typed “kind of.”

  • Nightbee

    Well, if you know he represents Varag, you also know why people use 3rd-party suppliers for Blood Bowl miniatures. This certainly looks better than the ancient GW model, though I will admit that this isn’t my favorite sculpt of Poncho’s.

    (the silly skull might be my favorite bit)

    • Soulfinger

      True dat. I had to take a fresh look at Varag to realize how bad the sculpt really is. I had ended up converting an old black orc model for mine. I’m not crazy about a lot of the 3rd party Blood Bowl stuff — although some of it is brilliant.

  • Orca

    32mm to top? 32mm to head I think

    Yep he´s a great model