New Orc Pirates from BigChild

BigChild has created a new line of orc pirates. Yo ho ho and a bottle of grog.


From the announcement:

Raise top sailors, the Black Sailors arrive!

After a few years of development in dark shims, the pirate orcs take the sea !

Born of the fertile imagination of BigChild team, they are now the work of sculptor Allan Carrasco, before others join the crew.

Painted by the greatest Spanish painters of the time, they were casted very carefully in resin and are closed to hit the shelves.

In BigChild we love orcs, we love pirates, so why not combine the two and produce such miniatures ?

At the moment, the captain, a crew member and the cook are ready, but others are already in production and will soon see the day.

Follow us to see what we have in mind !

“From the deepest seas of the Storm Coast, the Black Sailors raid all the small towns along the shore. No village or harbor can sleep in peace, as they know the orcs can land and ransack all their goods. Discretion and shadows are not what qualify the crew of the ship, as you can hear their battle cry from miles away when they attack. The loudest the better. The bloodiest the better.
No prisoner is their moto, unless you are stronger than them and u want to join the crew. Gold is what they prefer, gold and blood. If the two come along, they know the raid was good. Rumors spread quickly about their purpose, but are they really looking for Old Jack chest….”

  • Soulfinger


  • The Beast Rampant

    Yes, they are.

    …But if CMoN ever gets off their butt and relaunches Confrontation, as they have vowed, in print, they have to somehow deal with the fact that the “look” has been absconded with by a half dozen manufacturers.


    • mathieu

      While I agree to some extent, I’m not sure it is quite relevant here as these models are large orcs in 54mm scale.

      • Soulfinger

        54mm! Even better. Anyone know anything about these guys? The link only goes to a Facebook page, and I 2,000 dislikes FB. Googling them only brings up miniature schnauzer and pony websites. Is this heading toward a KS?

  • Gabbi

    Also, albeit on these boards it seems that jolly and cheerful comments are encouraged, I would say that Confrontation isn’t a ruleset I’m missing in any way…
    Rackham produced great models, but their systems weren’t par with them, imho.

    • Marauder

      But it was a good excuse to buy a whole faction of minis than just pick the ones you loved 😉

  • The Beast Rampant

    I say “butts”, though it’s not what I typed the first time. And asking them nicely has brought no response, so now I’m entitled to throw around the four-letter “B” word, and use BOLD text.

    If, as you say “the system is not on par”, reboots will typically address such things. And some folks DO miss it. To each his own, and such.

    • Soulfinger

      BASS! As in “drop some”! That’s my favorite four-letter bold text “B” word to throw around, because it always makes sure those butts are pluralized!

      Confrontation had some great figures (and a few awful ones), great art, a pretty good setting, and some very meh rules. When it comes to nostalgia for the rules, I expect that it is more a matter of Confrontation predating Warmachine as the discerning man’s Warhammer alternative. Easier to miss for what it could have been. There were a few decent things about it, but to reboot and address the failings of the game would just result in the old guard lamenting how CMoN messed things up, while they wrangle players for a game that was never really a commercial success in the first place. It’s a no-win situation, which is probably why they said “Screw it!” and launched a totally different game with the same aesthetic. That way, they aren’t held to the standard of what Confrontation “should be” and have a better chance of attracting new players who were still in diapers when Rackham launched.

      • KelRiever

        A ) I’m that guy

        B ) confrontation rules I liked! And they needed improving, not ‘dumbing down’ into age of plastic

        C) those meh rules were at least as good as ANY version of warhammer. So don’t get on me about rules when the bar is so low! 😀

        • Soulfinger

          I knew I should have specified that I didn’t mean that as a bump for Warhammer. I think 3rd was the last edition of that game that really had substance to it. I also loved Rackham. By meh I meant that yes, they were as good as Warhammer at the time, which didn’t amount to much in either case.

          The system I remember having the greatest potential back then was Warzone (I’d never played Chronopia to know if it was any good). Terrible as Heartbreaker’s minis were, that is an example of a game that I remember edging ahead in terms of mechanics and playability. I hope Prodos hasn’t screwed that up. 🙂

          • I had a Tir-na-bor Dwarves army for Confrontation, as both it and Warmachine hit my LGS essentially at the same time and many people played a little bit of both.

            Granted, this was when the rules were in those tiny rulebooks that came in parts in various blisters (so you had to get the right blisters to get all of the rulebook… shakes head) and… man did I dislike that game. You needed a referee to keep track of whose card flip it was, what each token meant on the board, who had what gems for what spells, and all sorts of other things.

            To be honest, if you like the “attack and defense pool” mechanic and combats that, even when it’s not your turn you have lots of options available to you, try out Bushido. You get alternating activations. You get dice pools. You get skirmish-sized. You get a lot of what people liked about Confrontation without a lot of the extra bookkeeping. And while I love the guys at GCT, no, their models aren’t as good as Rackham’s (but that’s not really that much of an insult, since exceedingly few companies make minis as good as Rackham did), but their game I see as “what Confrontation could have been with some work done to it.”

          • Soulfinger

            The one turn off for me with Bushido is that it is locked into that Asiatic setting. I can’t play Ottoman goat people, Ukranian werewolves, or whatever. I have such burnout from too much Korean cinema, Japanese anime, and Chinese assembly instructions that Fred Rodgers has started to feel exotic in comparison. For now, Okko is about as much as I can handle.

          • Riquende

            Most people that criticise Confrontation’s rules do so by talking about the small books, the random activation etc. All of this was done away with for 3rd edition, which definitely was “what Confrontation 2 became with some work done to it”.

            Sadly, someone kept tinkering and we ended up with 3.5…

            3rd edition could do with some streamlining (if it ever sees the light of day again), but the core rules are yet to be bettered.

          • That’s why I wanted to preface my dislike for the game by saying which edition I played.

            But that version severely soured me to wanting to try the newer version when it came out. Sort of a “wanna try the new edition?” “Dude, there’s no way they could’ve actually fixed that game unless they took it down to ‘we used D6s’ and started over phase” type of thing. Anyway, by that point, everyone at my LGS had pretty much switched over to Warmachine and never really looked back.

            At this point, if given the opportunity, I’d give a new edition a shot, but it would be with a bit of trepidation and I would be comparing it to Bushido, in my mind, as I was playing.

  • [email protected]

    Hey everybody !

    Our miniatures have nothing to do with Confrontation nor CMON. We are an independent brand and the orcs are of 54mm scale, so way bigger than the old Rackham’s ones.

    Feel free to ask anything !

    Big Child team

    • Soulfinger

      We know. Everyone just likes talking about Rackham. You should get a website though, because searching for your business only brings up breeders of miniature dogs that are good with children.