New Necrons now available to Advance Order

Games Workshop announce Advance Order for Necron line:

Reanimated with new characters, war machines and a Codex, legions of Necrons are available for you to Advance Order today. They’ll be heading into Hobby Centres on November 5th, so assemble your legions now and prepare for war…

  • zeno

    Disappointment of the year.

    Getting a Warmachine starterbox instead.

  • tuco

    The picture of the Ghost Ark for some reason made me think of Santa’s sleigh.

  • BoosterX

    Very disappointing.

  • UselesswizarD

    I for one am very excited to see the range expanded and the flavor of the Necrons developed and the fluff redone. I’m not really sure what everyone else was expecting, maybe the same old boring, favorless, static, did I say boring yet, terminator knockoffs? The models are fantastic looking and enhance the egypitian-esque feel of the Necrons. Tomb Kings in space? Yes, because that’s what they’ve always been. Any thought that they were anything else is pure fancy.

    • A.P.F. Porlock

      I agree. Even though I am not playing Necrons, I think they are finally making this one a “real” army – at least to my feeling. Looking forward to play against them.

  • Bellygrub

    I have to agree on all accounts. I’m very excited for this release. Can’t wait to get my hands on the book.

  • Veritas

    I’m liking the look of them except for the new Flayed Ones. The old models are so much better.

  • Shades

    The Ark is a hoot! I think juxtaposing the sci-fi deployment rack with an ancients slave-galley is tremendously clever. I’m not much of a fan of the 40K ruleset, but I dig a lot of the new models. I’m glad to see that the GW design team still applies some creativity and subtle humor to their work. Now if they would only apply it to some skirmish and/or specialist games…….

  • ravenburg

    The models are great sculpts, as is usual for GW, but the design aesthetic is like most of the stuff I’ve seen for the last few years, really unimpressive.

    Its probably due to endless cycle of re-issues and updates, but this is at least the third Necron release I can remember and they are still pretty much the same.

    God forbid anything new should enter the WFB or 40K design pallette. If anyone remembers the first Tau release, a world of new designs and models, thats what I’d like from GW at least once a year.

    • Veritas

      The problem with that is if GW were to release a new, never seen army once a year that would be resources they wouldn’t be able to put into updating outdated armies. You’d have even more codexes and army books going ten years w/o updates because the catalogue of armies demanding attention would be so huge.

      • PanzerKraken

        Eh, the games already have way too many armies as it is. Adding new armies constantly to the games would just make things worse. One of the best things they did despite fan complaints was cutting down on all the individual army lists that branched off from a single codex which just made attempting balance even crazier.

        • Veritas

          I assume you’re replying to ravenburg and not me? Your comment was essentially a repeat of mine so if you were replying to me I don’t understand.

  • TomasT

    I know it is the fluff that they are the undead of 40k, but when they first arrived (with a free figure in WD – yes, I’m that old) I thought of them as terminators. I want them to be a bunch of robots who have taken over their world… And indeed they have, but not with the feel of a terminator. πŸ™‚

    Ah, well… rambling done.

  • lordofexcess

    As someone who PLAYED … OWNS … Necrons and someone who has participated in the GW games for over 15 years now I will say that the current releases have been bad and that the new Necron stuff looks like it might be the worst yet. Why would I say this? Why wouldn’t I just fanboy up and gush about how nice it is to see new releases? Well because this stuff is so tacky and cheap looking its not even funny. It like they let the interns who know nothing about any of the previous releases, backstory, etc. etc. design the models. They are so garish and just silly looking its essentially taken that dark, unknown, menacing looking army and changed it to some sort of a 1950s Cleopatra in space with Robots looking … I don’t know what … its bad just plain and simple. It clearly is not a well thought out expansion of the line and clearly they have designed the new models with simply production and sales in mind … that is it 100%. This is such a big departure from the previous line that its very off putting. GWs move to take all the pewter to resin, along with doing things like this, etc. has just been too much. I’ve spent the better part of a decade defending GW, arguing that codex creep was an illusion that it was simply a matter of people not knowing to to face the new units, yada yada. With the crazy looking, just outright goofy stuff they have put in the Space Wolves, Blood Angels, Grey Knights and now Necrons revamps they have included really silly brand new out of nowhere units. I left the Dark Eldar out because IMO they did a decent job on that stuff, they blended the new in with the old and its a very decent job. Why are “out of nowhere” units an issue? Well because the history and story of the GW universe has a cannon that is steeped in wonderful lore. GW could at any point advance the story line and add new things by the basis of that, but they don’t, they just hand wave and insert new units, etc. that have had no place anywhere previously. They are taking a slowly expanded, nice release pace and turning it into magic the gathering in resin and plastic now. So every few years you’ll have to rebuy your whole army. If you don’t buy the newest codex and army you won’t be able to win tournaments anymore? People have been arguing that for years and its now gotten to the point that those arguments seem to have more and more merit. BOOOOOO for this shoddy release and BOOOOOO on GW for their poor management of a wonderful franchise. All the old guard are gone from the company and clearly its turning into WoTC over at GW headquarters these days … the MBAs are running the show and the creative types are simply people who want a paycheck and could care less about the history of the range and company.

    • Ghost

      As someone who has played since 1989, I have to state the obvious: it has always been this way. Even in Rogue Trader days there was a perception that we needed to keep buying White Dwarf (or at least the compilations) to keep up with new rules/models such as Robots, Harlequin, those clear plastic hit boxes, etc. What I’ve been saying since that time and which I keep repeating to new players is that Games Workshop make money by CONTINUOUSLY selling toys. There is a naive expectation amongst kids that game companies can survive indefinitely on new players joining up and paying a once-only lifetime membership of $300~$500… sorry to burst your bubble but wargaming isn’t a mass market and most of the month-to-month revenue actually comes from repeat sales to existing customers (ie: re-releasing models and rules). “Should be”, “could be” and “would be” are pushed aside for the business reality of keeping the rent paid, keeping the lights on, and keeping your employees in a job: and that means creating a need for new models/books/stuff.

      Don’t like it? Go play Warmachine where the creep managed better (yes, it’s still there) or boardgames where you don’t need to buy anything after you start.

      • lordofexcess

        Citadel once just made D&D minis … so whats your point? Ya they have always wanted to make money?? And?? I was denying that?? No one is asking them to be a not for profit enterprise. I just would love for them to have stuck to making great minis at reasonable prices. That is too much to ask anymore from them, clearly, and that is my point. I could care less about GW’s expensive store network and their quest for monopoly on their product, I’m eagerly awaiting new Mantic stuff and a Sci-Fi game Privateer Press are you making fun of Warma-hordes … whatever … I’ll happily choose that stuff these days over GWs games. I love Spartan’s stuff and have eagerly purchased nearly their entire range. I’ll spend and spend heavily on companies products that are doing what GW USED to do.

        All in all I don’t like where GW has been going for several years now and I am not playing GW games at all anymore. I do prefer board games now to most mini games and I’ve pretty much given up on ever having fun playing GW stuff again. Most of my armies have been ebay’d off now and what they are doing is less and less interesting. As far as the GW community clearly these days there are mostly store trolls, math-hammer players and Bell of Lost Souls list o’ the week fans anymore.

        As for your suggestion about what “kids” should do … how about the original War Gamers … historical game fans. I’m going to do what they have been doing since the 1950s (and before) I will make my $300 dollar once per lifetime buy in on 15 MM WW II stuff, Romans and Celts, etc. etc. and say good bye to endless releases of mediocre products. Those days are done, far, far better things to spend my time and money on. At the end of the day we are just individuals and we can only do one thing either be a loyal consumer and patronize “x” company or go somewhere else … I’m going somewhere else. That is why I like TGN because it highlights the other places to go πŸ™‚

        • KelRiever

          FYI to both of you, I don’t think it is a fallacy that in miniature wargames, a company has to keep re-releasing rules and miniatures to exist. But it may have to if it wants to exist at a certain scale. There are a lot of ‘mom and pop’ miniature companies out there operating at a very small scale, releasing miniatures for games where you buy the minis once, and you are done. Sure, mostly in the historical miniatures area, but not strictly, anymore. Now, the small operators may enjoy less stark raving fandom and wide-eyed rabid demand for the next bestest thing, but I don’t think that means they can’t live out their existance as is.

  • Gallahad

    I am not a big 40k fan, but I figured I would throw in my opinion anyways.

    These are pretty underwhelming models. I mean, it shouldn’t take much to make the terminator robots look good, but these aren’t very exciting. Even though I don’t play 40K, I was impressed by the dark eldar kits, and even some of the recent ogre releases were great if a little bit goofy, but these are just plain out boring.

  • Sounds to me that Necron players are not really interested in new necron stuff. They just want the old stuff to be better (codex wise).

    These look okay although I think a bit more colour other than shades of grey and fluro green might show them off better. However, those Flayed Ones look shite. Seems like the designers are either: a) taming them down for the kiddies or b) trying to make them look more mummified (and thus tamed down for the kiddies).

  • winter

    As a Necron player back to 2001 I’m ok with everything but the Ark model (I’ll admit that one’s a little goofy). I’ve never liked the floating box that is the monolith, so the new visual aesthetic for the infantry suits me fine.

    Yeah Necrons are now Undead Egyptians IN SPACE! instead of terminators, but is that any worse than Elves IN SPACE! or knights, orks, squats? There are many, many, many, things I don’t like about GW these days, but the look of the new models isn’t one of them.

    Other than the Ark, my only issue is dropping the green rods, especially on the Imortals. I’m worried it will create a visual disconnect with my existing warriors and destroyers. Hopefully I can cut out the solid ones of of the new models and find some extra green rods from the ebay bits sellers to replace them.

    • Destroyers, immortals, and the monolith are all keeping their green rods. The thing is that you can now give them weapons other than gaussflayers. The other weapons do not have green rods because the green rods are only for the guassflayers.

    • lordofexcess

      Squats?? Those don’t exist … officially … you have to go Mantic if you want those πŸ™‚

  • Now would be an excellent opportunity for up and coming companies to break into the market in a big way with better looking alternatives. These just look so…so… hmmm…. bland.

  • puster

    The market for Necrons was too small for other companies to jump in – though naturally Guards, Marine Characters or Ork stuff are already well covered. Especially for Orks I DO love that stuff πŸ™‚
    BTW: My son is playing Necrons and loves most of the new stuff, mainly for the tactical flexibility it adds. He will shell out some substantial cash here (he saved up for this occasion since there first rumours popped up in early 2010).

  • r3v3n63

    I’m pretty mixed about these guys. For me the troops look pretty good and while I do think the vehicles are interesting they just don’t feel Necron to me. I haven’t seen any of the rules yet so I don’t know just what they did to the Monolith to warrant a new troop transport but it seems silly to me to have a skimmer dedicated to the movement of troops with an army notorious for teleporting. I like the idea of the Monolith; a colossus, floating shape with no visible pilot, slow moving with a built in Stargate to a Tomb World and deep striking to boot. As far as 40K tanks go I thought it was a great representation of alien tech. Looking at the new vehicles that have pilots and control panels I feel like they “humanized” the army too much. Maybe they felt that players might have a hard time identifying with the army if they didn’t provide enough touchstones? Unfortunately for me that was one of the things that attracted me to the army in the first place. I have only heard rumors on the fluff and back story but it sounds as if a lot of the creepy, silent and vast legion unified under one purpose idea is gone, What I hear is that each Tomb World is its own kingdom with it’s own ruler who has his own views and ideas about how to rebuild the empire even going so far as to form alliances and fight along side of other races? Again, for me it’s just too “human.” but I will have to see the Codex first since all I am going off of right now is hearsay.
    I don’t mind change as long as those who do it stay true to the core idea and spirit of the army. As I said before I want to get a hold of the Codex before making a decision and see if they still feel Necron-y to me, if so then its just some vehicle aesthetic changes to make myself feel better about how they look. But if the background story has changed them into just more space dudes then I feel like the army has lost one of their defining characteristics and I’ll just not continue with them as my army which will be a shame considering how long I have waited for this update.

  • scarletsquig

    I’m not sure why the Ghost Ark Driver is pointing.

    He’s the one driving the thing, if he wants to move it in that direction he’s got the control panel in front of him and no amount of pointing is going to help move it quicker.

    As it is the pointing arm make it look like the Necrons inside the Ark are doing the macarena or whatever to make it move and the driver is shouting “giddyup” and “move that-a-way!”.

    • winter

      I hear ya. I don’t see a replacement arm on the shot of the sprues, so I figure an arm swap with one o the command barge crew is in order.

    • Borzag

      “Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Necron Hollywood Bus Tours. If you look up ahead, you can see the Baldwin residence…”

  • PanzerKraken

    Necrons were one of the most boring factions in the game, they are at least adding some flavor to them.

  • evernevermore (John)

    Actually I think this is less of a major change in appearance from prior models than the shift from the pewter butcher of an Adeptus Soriatis abbey to the plastic psuedo-egyptians with green rods.

  • pancake ss

    I like them i allways thought the older stuff was bland. It looks like most gamers on
    here hate them GW can’t do any thing good any more so may be they should rag up.

  • Don’t mistake “teh internet people” for most gamers. In my area most of the gamers I know in person are very happy with the new look and fluff and this is a city with 10+ FLGSs in a 1 hour by car radius.

    • Nightbee

      I don’t know if you’re very reliable, being on the internet and all.

      40k fans in my area are pretty stoked about the new designs, too. Of course, they’re already 40k fans, so…

    • pixelante

      So then I should dismiss your comment as well? In fact perhaps we should ignore everyone’s comments because they clearly don’t know any better.
      That is a very poor generalization.

      I think most of the disappointment stems from the multiple elite flavours, the new sniper type unit sharing a sprue with the Immortals look…odd and then you have the Praetorian and Lychguard with their glowsticks like they are off to a rave, I also noticed that GW couldn’t refrain from giving them some kind of stormshield and I won’t be surprised if it is a 3++. I for one am missing the soulless kill everything motivation. If Billy wanted to team up with Joey they didn’t need a fluff reason to do it, but GW did and this is diluting the Necron mystic rather then adding to the lore.
      Also I have to agree that the transport barge looks really crap and is claerly an afterthought because GW has a hardon for dual purpose kits. To add insult to injury it also looks like the troops are integrated into the structure so you can’t repurpose them as infantry when you choose to make the Doomsday cannon.
      On the positive side now it looks like the Necrons have access to heavy weapons for their foot troops.

  • cybogoblin

    Quick question about the thumbnails at the top of this page: Is the image on the left really the Necron Warriors, because that’s an image found under the Immortals gallery on GW’s site. Also, they’re still promoting the old/current Necron Warrior models.

    • Mr_Scream

      Yes the old necron warriors are still “necron warriors” (with new paint jobs of course πŸ˜‰ The thumbnail is indeed the new Necron Immortals / Deathmarks

  • Not a 40K player, or Fantasy for that matter, but I do know that when I see green tubes on the table, someone is playing a Necron force.

    I want to see green tubes again. πŸ˜€

  • Magno

    Necrons were my first 40k army. I enjoyed their fluff and feel, their game play and was bummed when 5th ed came out, to which I stopped playing 40k altogether. These new releases are a mixed bag for me as well. I bought into Necrons because they felt the most Sci-Fi of all the armies in 40k. Terminators in space with a Pharaoh feel. I don’t see why folks are complaining about how “silly” things are. 40k has never been a serious game. Not in rules, not in fluff, not in sculpts, not ever. This is fantasy in space.
    Ohhh its “dark” maybe, but its not serious. Anyone who tries to takes 40k seriously (even at the relative standards that we’re all nerds, dorks and geeks here) needs to detach themselves with the love affair of the 40k universe. You roll up to the table with the most unscaled, unintuitive, illogical formats and rules, you should be ready to be giggling. The sculpts could be better though, but seriously, when you’re trying to put down hundreds of figures down on the table, do they need to be that finely sculpted? Oh, …, oh jeez, I’m sorry, its Citadel FC. :p

    • ish

      I’m with you on that. 40k is a silly childish universe and it always makes me giggle when peeps talk about how cool and dark it is… No offense, many of my friends are gw fans and gamers, but I still think it is no where near as harsh and unforgiving as people like to think. Every codex state that [insert relevant army] is the best and undefeatable and everyone is sooooooo terrified of them bla bla bla. How is that then? That is exactly the kind of blurb that gets kids into buying something because, guess what, the gw universe is aimed for kids. You may have found it cool when you started playing back in the eighties but since you have grown up and obviously find the same thing frustrating. Most of us realises this and takes the game for what it is: a mildly amusing game with goofy armies. If you accept this you may be happy with gw’s products and keep buying them with this in mind, or drop them for something more exciting. Or you will be the sorry git who hates it and thinks it’s goofy but keeps buying it because you don’t want to be left behind.

  • twhitten

    I picked up the first Necrons when they came out. I’ve got an original 2000 point Necron force in all metal. I have another 2000 point one in mostly plastic. That said, I am very happy with this new release.

    Unlike Warhammer Fantasy, which keeps having weak releases, the 40k releases keep getting better and better (with the exception of the flying brick and Dread Knight.) I’ve never been a Dark Eldar fan, but I just love the new models. The Dark Eldar models were the strongest to date. Now with these new Necron models the Dark Eldar models have been surpassed. Being a Necron fan from the beginning, I am biased. The fact is, I was pretty much done with 40k purchases until I saw how impressive a release this was. I’ll now be picking some of these, though I doubt I’ll be using them for 40k.

    Still, how well one likes this release is purely subjective. And though I don’t understand why, it is too bad some Necron players are not happy. I, OTOH, am quite happy and very intrigued to see if GW can raise the bar again with its next release.