New Napoleonic releases from Renegade

Renegade Miniatures have new packs of 28mm Napoleonic and English Civil War figures as well as news of their next releases.


From their announcement:

Just a quick reminder that our extended offer of Buy 4 – Pick a5th for Free will end on May 17th.

Buy 4 Regiments – Pick a Fifth for Free – (only 1 Cavalry Regiment per deal).
Buy 4 Blister Packs – Pick a Fifth for Free.

Out Now

  • British Napoleonic Foot Artillery (Includes: 6Lb, 9Lb & 12Lb Barrels).
  • ECWM9 English Civil War – Flintlocks

Out Very Soon

  • British Napoleonic Infantry Advancing – Flank & Centre
  • British Napoleonic Infantry Kneeling Firing – Flank & Centre


  • British Napoleonic Infantry Firing Line – Flank & Centre
  • British Napoleonic Infantry Command B
  • British Napoleonic Household Cavalry
  • British Napoleonic Hussars