New Mutineer releases

Mutineer Miniatures have released several new 28mm Indian Mutiny figures and a new terrain set.

Naval Brigade Infantry
Naval Brigade Infantry

From their announcement:

We have released our first cavalry figures and horse packs, we are very pleased with the results and Mike again has done us proud. The first pack CAV03 is the Bengal light cavalry the standard units for the native Bengal army most of these units mutinied. The uniforms were french grey (light blue) with orange facings and a white stripe down the leg of the trousers.

CAV03 Bengal light cavalry in Cap
CAV04Bengal light cavalry Command
This pack consists of Officer standard Bearer and Bugler

CAV05 Sikh Cavalry
The Sikh cavalry were irregular horse. Many of these regiments were called after their founding officers some names are still used today like Skinners horse, Hodgsons horse, Fanes horse, Probyn’s horse. After the reorganisation of 1862 they were part of the Indian army Bengal cavalry regiments.

CAV06 Sikh Cavalry Command
Consists of British officer in poshteen, Bugler and standard bearer

We also have released two packs of horses so that you can have a bit of variety in the cavalry units.
CAV01 standing horses and CAV02 moving horses

The new releases don’t stop there we also have added to this ever expanding range the Naval Brigade infantry and artillery crews.

EIC14 Naval Brigade Infantry
ART13 Naval Artillery crew

Part of the Delhi wall range of buildings. This is the next part of our seige of delhi range of buildings. This bastion is a super piece of work It fits perfectly with the wall sections .