New MiniSculpt release: Horned Circle

Black Orc Games have added a new figure, Horned Circle, to their MiniSculpt discount figure range.

Horned Circle

From their announcement:

Black Orc Games announces the next fig in the MiniSculpt line for the Hundred Kingdoms Dominion Army. The Horned Circle sculpted by Jeremy Wright is now available for purchase for $1.00 each. Jeremy is currently working on the next wave of Dominion figs so please stay tuned. The beta stats have been updated with the Horned Circle stats. Please keep in mind the stats may change based on the results of play testing.

Vassals make up the servile class of the Dominion. Smaller and weaker than their ruling Lords, they are employed as servants, laborers, and regularly conscripted into military service.

On rare occasions a child is born with one or more horns growing from its brow, a sign believed to denote a special affinity for the magical arts. Among the Lords, these children are raised from birth to harness their innate magic talent and become powerful Warlocks. Vassals are sometimes “gifted” with horns as well, though their fate is one of torturous pain. Their small bodies and simpler minds are unable to properly control the raw power that courses through their veins, and their position in society means they are given no training in its proper use. These vassals seek out one another and form close circles.

The presence of other horned vassals is comforting and together they can channel their powers to some degree. If they are separated from their circle however, the forces of unbridled magic overwhelm them again and they scream and thrash in agony, releasing their pain in bolts of dark destructive energy.

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