New MiniSculpt Release: Aiviqut Fisherman

Black Orc Games have added a new release to their MiniSculpt range, the Aiviqut Fisherman.


From their announcement:?

Black Orc Games announces the next release in the MiniSculpt line. Aiviqut Fisherman, sculpted by Cavin Park, is now available for purchase at $2.25 each. This is the first release from Cavin but we have more in house to release soon. This fig is quite a bit more expensive than our usual MiniSculpt fig. This is due to its weight. This is one hefty fisherman.

The Aiviqut are the walrusmen of the distant artic lands. This one happens to be getting ready to go fishing, a popular pass time forthem. Is he an old man having on last good haul before he leaves this mortal coil, or a hardened warrior just trying to relax? Good for a fantasy setting that encounters a sudden coldnsap or has an extended trip to the tundra.