New miniature manufacturer Imbrian Arts open for business

Imbrian Arts, a new Australian manufacturer, has several 32mm fantasy figures available for pre-order.

Dragon Teeth

From their announcement:

Imbrian Arts has a passion for finely detailed fantasy miniatures with a story to tell. Starting with the undead, every creature and personality of the fantasy genre will get the attention it deserves.

The first releases, the necromancer, dragon’s teeth, and wraith are now available for pre-order.

The necromancer is an immortal lord of the undead, worshiped and adored by his own decaying constructs. It comes with a round 40mm and 30mm lipped base to give you the freedom to arrange the figures to your liking.

The dragon’s teeth are the legendary warriors of Greek mythology, springing fourth from the ground, fully armed and ready for battle. Any would be hero or villain can command these creatures so long as he can face a dragon and live to pry them free.
The wraith is a baleful spirit, intangible one moment and deadly real the next. It drifts through the living world on a chill wind, bringing with it an aura of loathing and despair.