New miniature company to release 15mm female historical figures

Trey Corbies Miniatures are open for business and have their first 15mm figures, an all female warband from Pre-Christian Ireland, available for sale.

Champions chariot

Champion’s chariot

From their announcement:

Trey Corbies Miniatures have arrived on the historical miniatures scene with a new line of figures already turning heads and raising debates. The company has just launched their new website at to display and market their new line of miniatures.

‘The Morrigan’s Own: Warrior Women of Ancient Erin’ is a full line of 15mm pewter miniatures which portrays an all female warband from the history and mythology of Pre-Christian Ireland. From the chariot borne queen and champions to the slingers and javelineers that would make up the bulk of the force, The Morrigan’s Own miniature line has been researched and sculpted with an eye toward realism and authenticity.

“We’re a first”, says Corbie Sean, one of the three friends and partners who make up Trey Corbies. “We’re the first and only historical miniatures line that was designed and executed as an all-female force with this dedication to authenticity”. Sean explains, “There are many ancient cultures with a strong female warrior tradition. These traditions have received little attention in the historical wargaming hobby.”

Corbie Sean, business manager of Trey Corbies cites the epic sagas of ancient Celtic Ireland such as the Táin Bó Cúailnge as an inspiration for the project. “The assertive and frankly dangerous women of these stories such as Maeve, Aife and Scathach, stand equal to the male heroes and deserve to be depicted in the miniature wargaming hobby,” he says. The product and site launch on the ancient Celtic Festival of Beltane (May 1st) was our salute to these roots.

Corbie Joe agrees, also citing historical documentation by Roman writers such as Plutarch and Ammianus Marcellenus. “These guys from the Greco-Roman culture were fascinated and awestruck. Unlike Greek and Roman women, Celtic women fought side by side with the men. Like these historians what has captured our imagination”.

For Corbie Joe, sculptor of the line, authenticity was paramount in depicting these Irish Warrior Women. “We researched clothing, weapons and the military systems of early Ireland and worked hard to meld them together in the figures”. “We really like the fact we depict everyone from the very well-equipped aristocratic chariot champions to the lowly slingers who were likely cow herders or shepherds. Each of our figures has her own story to tell”.

“We’re gamers and modelers too,” says Corbie Patrick the other partner making three. “We’ve added all the cool stuff we know we like and want. We’re pretty certain other gamers and collectors will enjoy and appreciate them as well.”
Severed heads, a priestess, cow skulls and running wolf hounds are all available to collectors, gamers Tand modelers to personalize their forces.

“There is still more to come” adds Corbie Patrick, architectural sculptor of the trio. “We are committed to supporting our lines with lots of additions ”. “We’re following this release with a wide variety of buildings and terrain features to complement this line. Celtic forts and Ruined Roman forts will just be the start.”

‘The Morrigan’s Own: Warrior Women of Ancient Erin’ is currently being sold through the Trey Corbies site at The figures are sold unpainted and are made of lead-free pewter. The figures are available in small packs (one chariot, eight foot) or in pre-made army packs for popular ancient wargames systems like De Bellus Antquitatus and Fields of Glory. Orders may be placed and processed at the website. Trey Corbies ships worldwide.

The Corbies can be contacted at and welcome dealer inquiries.