New MERCS previews

By tgn_admin
In Sci-fi
Dec 31st, 2010

MERCS Miniatures have posted a preview of the CCC Demolitions miniature as well as the concept art for two new USCR figures, the Booster and Medic.

  • Bundybear

    The pose for the first USCR figure is horrible – in all my years in the army I have never fired a weapon while kicking one leg into the air like that!

    • Zac

      I’m hoping they change it as well.

      • evernevermore (John)

        Its a classic door kicking pose, though if they want that to come through they need to include a door with model. I did enjoy the comment about punting a woodland creature, I mean a flying angry badger would be a potent close combat attack hehe

    • Durandal

      Huh, looks to me like a standard “kick down the door and go in guns blazing” kind of pose. The look of USCR kind of makes me think they’d have a dude who specialized in breaching things that was more hopped up on combat drugs than the rest. Kind of like a super-powered point man.

      I’m hoping they keep it myself. Sci-fi minis have enough “guy with feet planted and firing his gun” figures. Like a lot of interesting Infinity sculpts I tend to like it when the pose has some kind interesting narrative to it. Whether it is a sneaky pose with a back to the wall like the Kamau hacker or a cinematic sniping pose like you get with the ninja sniper. This USCR trooper has an energy and tells more of a story than a simple gun firing stance and it really makes him stand out. And honestly the poise and the way his weight is sitting made me immediately think “kicking down the door” so I hope the pose stays because otherwise he’s just another beefy USCR guy with an assault rifle and that would be boring.

      Give me movement and dynamism in my minis any day.