New Medieval Knights Collection from Foundry

Wargames Foundry have added a new Medieval Knights Collection.

Medieval Knights

From their announcement:

New Medieval Knights Collection
These are the “heavy metal” of the medieval world, with the armour and horses to smash through any opposition. This collection is packed full of mounted warriors; Knight Command, Knight Characters, lots and lots of Knights plus some Knight Casualties.
Available as a Collection, Unit Deals (three of the same Pack at a bargain price) or individual Packs

Medieval Melange Collection
The third collection of our new range of Medievals, with Handgunners, Casualties, King Ronnie and His Majesty’s Court, The Deer Hunt, The Boar Hunt, Armed Peasants and a Cannon Crew.

Medieval Infantry Collection
This second collection features; foot and mounted Longbowmen, Infantry Command, armoured and unarmoured Pikemen, Spearmen or Halberdiers, plus Spearmen with Pavises and Armoured Crossbowmen.

Medieval Longbowmen Collection
The first collection of our new range of Medievals, with archers, command, and the wooden stakes with which the archers protected themselves from mounted knights.