New Mechanika Round Lip Bases available to pre-order from Dragon Forge Design

Dragon Forge Design is taking down name of those of you gamers out there that want their new line of Mechanika Round Lip Bases as soon as they’re available.
They’re available in several different sizes.


From the announcement:

Pre Orders now being taken
Shipping will begin November 15, 2013

If you will be attending Warmachine Weekend in November, I can deliver your bases to you as I will be attending.
Include a note that you will be attending WMW when you order or send me an email to

Also, All Pre Orders will include an extra FREE Surprise!
(No, I wont tell you wihat it is it wouldn’t be a surprise)

  • Major_Gilbear

    Wow, those look superb! Since the detail is fine and sharp, I take it they are CAD-designed or were created from laser-cut parts?

    • Howabout pressmolded off the back of a watch? 😉

      While I agree that at first glance I was wow and then I remembered clockwork floors make no sense. It looks cool as long as you don’t apply any thought – like why would you have exposed mechanisms if they in fact have a function and are not just for show. It’s on par with female fighters that have no armour or bikini armour…

      I would however love this if it was just “lines” with no mechanisms. The quality looks great.

      • Major_Gilbear

        1) I’m fairly certain that those are not press-mounded. You cannot achieve that level of crispness with that method.

        2) You don’t have to paint them as moving gears – they could be part of a stone or wood sculpted surface/carving.

        3) You don’t have to mount the figures directly on them. You could have a gantry or similar “overhang” on the base, and put the figures there. Then it would look like the model is looking out over a truly huge clockwork machine of some kind.