New Mauser Earth robots available from Smart Max

By Polar_Bear
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Oct 16th, 2013

Smart Max has a trio of new robots for Mauser Earth available over in their webshop.


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  • Steampunk with magic enhanced girder legs…

  • Smokestack

    These look pretty cool. I was thinking I could use a couple… But at $52.59 U.S for 1, or $133.50 for 3… thats a bit high.

  • Paconious

    what an odd scale.

    • grimbergen

      this is common for modellers/painters of dioramas and/or historical stuff, and thus the price too… not usually for gaming.

  • 4tonmantis

    WOW.. these are gorgeous.. I hope someone finds that price agreeable

  • tredhed

    Man I love these. Its too bad they are priced way beyond what I can reasonably afford.

  • So noone is baffled by the lower half having absolutely no way of being motorised or indeed working? I agree that it looks cool, I love the aesthetics, but it’s more like a postwar monument made out of junk than something that would have mobility; There are just ball joints for knees attached to girders. No actuators, nothing. There are cosmetic screws strewn around the feet area that do nothing even in the model.

    • Smokestack

      What I would have used them for would have involved somekind of clockwerk magic thing anyway, so the legs wouldnt have been that unusual or at least not easily explained with “its magic”…

    • 4tonmantis

      While highly unfeasible, the leg, as spindly as it is could be a casing for something.

      That said.. I commonly add hydraulics to things.. would’ve ended up giving them a modeling pass to add personal touches regardless.

      However, my comment about the models was actually in reference to the rest of the series.. I really didn’t pay too much attention to these other than noting that they are amusing.

      • I have some of the SMOG stuff they make and while they are beautifully sculpted and cast and packaged, they are kind of pricey. I also find them quite small compared to military figures in the same scale and models from other brands that do 54mm.

        I suppose what you are suggesting is one way of doing it, but I find it somewhat annoying that a model at that price feels “incomplete” for a lack of better wording.

        • 4tonmantis

          I don’t disagree 🙂 Again.. I honestly hadn’t really paid that much attention to the model the story is about and was looking at the rest of the line.
          Thanks for the heads up on the scale.. I almost bookmarked these guys.. would’ve been disappointing for an expensive model to not match up to my other dudesmen..

          • DOH! They are 50mm so they are supposed to be smaller. My bad, but the end result is still the same I guess?

          • 4tonmantis

            50mm.. I don’t understand.. 28mm-32mm is “normal” sized is it not? I think Inquisitor and those really nice Batman models are 54mm are they not?

          • Hehe.. Supposedly 1:32 is 54mm and 1:35 is 50mm. That is approximately a 9% difference. You are right that most of the figures on this side of the hobby are 54mm and that was why I felt they were on the small side compared to my dudes. There are too many scales if you ask me.

  • Grim6

    So is this what became of Grindhouse Game’s Junk: Dogface Combot line? I was really looking forward to some sort of game associated with that, and nothing seems to have happened with it. But these look almost similar?