New Martian Milestone $500k stretch goal posted by Mantic

Mantic is closing in on $500k over on Mars Attacks and they’ve got a lot planned for when that happens.


From the update:

With 6 days to go, we’re producing 2 celebratory models if we break through $500,000, creating a free Supreme Regent model for backers who pledge the Will of Man ($100 and Early Bird) or more, and a Martian Army Standard Bearer, included free in pledges of Alien Abduction/BLOODSHED on the Battleifeld (£300) or more.

Both will be available for you to spend your credit on too.

  • Ghool

    They lost 5k yesterday, and almost 6k today so far.
    I wonder what’s causing the hemorrhage?

    I cancelled my pledge due to the glut of awesome campaigns ending in the next couple weeks (Journey: Wrath of Demons, and Shadows of Brimstone come to mind…). I’m guessing many backers are doing the same?

    • Helljin

      I joined and cancelled also, the campaign just turned into a mess. I don’t know why they decided to mix retro style martians with modern day soldiers. The game would look much cleaner as a retro style mini’s game.

      They are also asking for quite a bit of money by including the credit in the pledges for a game that is still a work in progress and isn’t going to see the light of day for at least another 9 to 10 months.

      • Black Nexus

        the new Invasion card by Topps are modern era, and they asked Mantic to make modern troops.

        The credit system equates to the same as any other Kickstarter, it just means you can pick the stuff you include in your pledge. Asking $500 for the same amount of stuff in a $300 pledge on Brimstone is asking a lot for a game that isn’t out yet.

      • 4tonmantis

        The credit thing is what got me but they did add the base game pledge level.. I just honestly don’t care for the look and the way the models are being made isn’t winning me over. Pair that with the most recent updates to Deadzone.. they’re still experimenting just to get the models right… I’m already paying to be their guinea pig on Deadzone so yeah.. pulled out after only a few hours (especially when Mantic confirmed the things I dislike)

  • Bellygrub

    I dropped because I didn’t like the stretch goals opening up freebies for more expansions and add ons. It just got to be to much.

    Plus with some of the quality issues the last couple of Mantic kickstarters have had I decided it would be better to wait for retail.

    • Bobofreak

      I am sure there will plenty to buy off ebay for pennies on the dollar just like the craptastic Kings of War KS models. I will never buy a Mantic model again based on concept art. There real good at concept art not so much at sculpting.

  • Ghool

    Looks like they’ve lost another 3k+ today, and close to 50 backers over the past three.

    I thought it looked like a cool game, but the campaign didn’t sell me on it, and the base game box seems to be lacking; paying an extra $20 (or using your add-on extras in the base pledge) just to get something besides paper to play on is being incredibly cheap.

    I figured since this was the game that was their nearest attempt at a board game, they would at least provide a decent ‘board’. That, and the PVC they, and everyone else is using makes me want to poke my eyes out with a bamboo skewer.

    • 🙂 What if it leaves splinters in your eyes?

      I was never sure of MA, but yeah the material is one that I don’t like and I am not particularly fond of any of the sculpts to be honest. Journey caught my eye and I suspect that the AVP KS is going to mess with MA.