New Mantic Orcs available to pre-order

Mantic Games is now accepting pre-orders on several new 28mm plastic Orc sets.

Orc unit

From their announcement:

The Orc Ax are now shipping and to celebrate we’ve had a couple more models painted. Following feedback from the model Tommie from Golem painted on the blog, we’ve updated the colour scheme, and would you just look at the result – these red-eyed beasts look suitably brutal:

With new pictures in tow, pics of the Krudger’s Gang coming in next week and with the Greatax sprue now firmly in our hands, we’ve put up the next wave of Orc figures for pre-orders. We know what you’ve been waiting for though – the big Army Deal.

Garlak’s Barbarous Horde contains 104 miniatures including several sets not yet available to pre-order including Morax and the frankly unbelievable limited edition Orc Shaman (WIP) figure below:

We’re also including a second pack of Morax heads to the deal as well, increasing the variety you can get in this set. If the Barbarous Horde isn’t quite big enough for you though, we’ve also created Garlak’s Monstrous Horde, containing everything included in the Barbarous Horde, plus an additional 20 Gore Riders and the Goblin and Mawbeast figures.

Because the Gore Riders are so far out on the released schedule, the Monstrous Horde will ship in two halves. Please see the respective product pages for full details.

  • jet

    My god, these are so much better than GW’s offerings. It’s funny because Mantic’s line is so hit and miss for me. I love these orcs and their undead line but I really don’t like their elves or their dwarves.

    • This is how I feel too! I think the new GW orcs are just… meh. These orcs are how I like my orcs. Less cartoony and more gritty. Props to Mantic.

      • The Orcs are still all looking to the left…

        Anyway, if you don’t take the price into account, these miniatures are barely able to stand up against new GW releases like the Savage Orcs. But price is a very good argument, and I’m not saying these are horrible. I’m just enough of a douche to say that me personally would rather pay more for miniatures and get something of a higher quality. (Of course it’s all highly subjective in the end)

        • Indeed it is subjective, becuase I really dislike the new savage orcs 😛

  • cannondaddy

    I think the elves are fine, I just prefer wood or dark elves. I like their “evil” dwarves better than GW, but the GW line is in need of an update.

  • PanzerKraken

    These are great looking. Though do love GW orks and really would never want them to change from their unique goofy look.

    These are probably the best Mantic have done so far, was not crazy about some of their other armies but these are tasty. Have a more serious and savage look to them compared to the GW line while not looking overly monstrous as some other orc designs other companies have done.

  • Will B

    The orcs look ok – better than all their other ranges except for the Undead (which is the only range I like enough to own).

    I do find it odd that Mantic put pre-orders up before they even show pictures of the models. I guess people order them though otherwise they wouldn’t do it.