New Mantic Dwarf Sets and Army Deals now available for pre-order

Mantic Games are now accepting pre-orders for their 28mm plastic Dwarf sets and Army Deals.

Dwarf Warhost

From their announcement:

Dwarf Week 3 on the blog has culminated in the latest pre-orders for the Dwarf army including the Dwarf Ironwatch, Dwarf Ironbeards and the ultimate in dwarf sets… the Dwarf Warhost. For more information of these brand new sets, including release dates, for the Dwarfs, follow this link here.

In addition, and we know that this is the set you’ve all been waiting for, we’ve put up the Dwarf Army for preorder.

A truly massive set containing no less than 40 Dwarf Ironclad Warriors, 40 Dwarf Ironwatch, 4 Ironbelcher Cannon/Organ Guns, 5 Ironbeards, 10 Berserkers, a Flame Belcher and a free Dwarf Hero Set (phew.), the Dwarf King’s Throng is near enough an army in a box (though still nowhere near big enough for us.). With options to arm the Ironwatch with rifles or crossbows, the ability to take a mix of cannons and organ guns, and of course all of the cross-kit conversion potential, this set also includes the metal Ironbeards – a unit of Dwarf Veterans, the High King’s Counsel, a Flame Belcher cannon and the Berserkers – maybe our most ambitious deal to date? We’ll let you decide on that one.

This army deal will be shipping August 18th as one box – and what a box it’ll be.