New Legion Tactical Squads Available To Order From Forge World

Ah, the Tactical Marine. The Swiss Army Knife of the 40k world. Pretty much every Space Marine player, as well as quite a few Chaos players, will have a couple units of them around. But with all those players using basically all the same figures, what’s to keep them apart? Well, Forge World is here to help, as they’re taking orders for dozens of new Legion Tactical Squads in their webshop from all sorts of different chapters.

These aren’t just new shoulder pads and helmets, as previous sets have been. Those require you to go and get your own Tac. Squad and then buy more bits for them. These kits give you a full squad (actually, 20 guys). So it’s a single-purchase and you’re ready to go, including all the usual options for weapons and such that you usually get with a Tactical Squad box. And as you can see, they’re from both the “For the Emperor!” and the “For Horus!” side of the equation.


  • hvedhrungr

    Your forgot to add that these packs run £90 *each*…
    I’d all but forgotten just how absurdly expensive FW are…

    • odinsgrandson

      Well, with the currently depreciated pound, that only makes them 118 dollars (instead of the $140 they would have been pre Brexit vote).

      That seems like an awful lot for space marines, but if you actually want those 20 marines, it only comes out to $6 a mini, which isn’t all that bad (except when you compare them against the plastic tac marines who are $4.50 ea- but it is actually better than some of the Storm Guard etc).

      I meant to come on here and completely agree with you about the crazy prices, but after doing the math, I don’t think they’re as bad as all that.

  • OMG Lana Del Rey predicted GW price policy:
    “You like your price insane
    Choose your last words
    This is the last time
    ‘Cause you and I, we were born to buy”

  • Andrew Franke

    Okay Sorry but this is BAD. My original Tac-Squad of 20 miniatures in 1987 cost me $20.00 the increase of 600% is not anywhere close to what industry standard is. Example a Perry miniature for ACW costs about $1.50. OUTRAGEOUS price for a line mini.

    • Alexander Brown

      But THOSE were cheap, chinsy metal! These are high quality resin! And not generic, but Mk IV armor customised for your Legion! Also, yours back in 87 came with mere 28 mm bases! These come with high quality 32 mm bases! Not the same things at all! Also, GW can pretty much charge what it wants, because, for some odd reason, people are buying. Maybe it is because GW has pretty much manipulated things so that it is all that people can see at venues that its draconian rules can control. Like, you know, the set maximum shelf space allowed to any other miniatures games if you buy from GW(which, you have to, since they don’t have third party distributors)

      • Andrew Franke

        No they were NOT cheap Chinsy metal. Metal back then was lead. Solid figures. Lead figures are still better. Second they were HARD plastic like Perry Figures are today NOT CRAP RESIN!

        Third GW has screwed the pooch. Their sales have been down for the last 5 years and profits are down as well. You need to read a stockholder report. Many hobby stores don’t carry them anymore ESPECIALLY Age of Sigmar figs. 40k is NOT the dominant leader as the ONLY game in town anymore. Most popular yes. Infinity, Deadzone, Malifaux, Gates of Antares etc… are eating into their profits as Guild Ball, Kings Of War, all the Spartan games are as well. GW is no longer the 800lb gorilla. No more US Games Days?????