New KR Multicase TrayGuides

KR Multicase helps you figure out the most optimal foam purchases with their new TrayGuides. From the release:

Site upgrades are now all complete (for the time being!) These latest improvements add the “KR TrayGuides” for armies and games. Click the link to see them. The page lists each army, we will increase this list each week to include more of the trays from KR.

In addition each TrayGuide can be saved as a pdf file to share with other gamers, or to printout and keep on your PC – a great reference file for keeping your tray options handy.

We are working on some other major improvements which will help make choosing the best trays for your army a simpler process – they will be added shortly too.

  • Killraven

    I love K&R cases beyond question, and I loathe their website beyond comprehension.

    Why can’t they have just a single, simple page that gives the basic cut-out info (the size and number of pre-cut slots in the various trays), and a more simplified lay-out for actually ordering?

    Once you manage to find, load up and use their box/tray selector program, and get a case configured to what you want, you can’t even simply hit one button to put that case into your shopping cart! You basically have to go to an entirely different area of the site and cut-and-paste the tray info there.

    Plus, at least for Games Workshop models, and specifically on large models (mostly vehicles), you can’t trust the templates because there’s no mention of what generation of model they are for (or when they were last updated, for when the new generation of model is fairly new).