New Konflikt ’47 Releases Available From Warlord Games

By Polar_Bear
In Alternate History
Jan 27th, 2017

Ok, so maybe this next set of Konflikt ’47 releases aren’t quite as cool (personal opinion) as the last set of releases, they’re still pretty cool. Warlord Games has a new batch of kits for the British, Soviets, and US forces.

From the releases:

The Automated Infantry are capable of carrying considerable firepower, these 10 ft tall automatons can be used to spearhead assaults and defend rear-guards, protecting the British solider from these dangerous and casualty-heavy tasks.

Coming with MMGs standard on their profile, the bare minimum number of automatons can dish out 8 shots together which can certainly keep any enemy squad on its toes. Take 5 of these and you are looking at 20 shots from this squad alone, no need for an army if you have two squads of these tin soldiers advancing relentlessly into the enemies ranks!

The Soviets recognised the versatility of the German Spinne walker and were able to reverse engineer much of the technology from captured examples. Using biped technology stolen from the US, they were able to produce the Cossack. Fast and agile it is an excellent recce vehicle. It excels in the open and often difficult ground that covers much of Eastern Europe.

A whole new front of the war has been opened with the new and highly agile US Firefly Jump Infantry, the gargantuan Kodiak Walker and the ‘packing-a-punch’ Heavy Bazooka team!

British Automated Infantry Source
Soviet Walker Source
US Forces Source

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  • Davos Seaworth

    I struggle to figure out what vibe Warlord is going for with Konflikt ’47. Because to my eyes the design is just silly. Like bad Mars Attacks 50’s movie silly. But it feels like they want it to be “dangerous” and “apocalyptic” but I just don’t feel any of that when I look at the design choices. Nothing pops off the table, the poses are static and don’t give a sense of action nor adventure. It just strikes me as lifeless.

    I’ve got zero respect for Dust Studios, but those designs looked so much better & tableworthy than Warlord’s effort so far.

    • crazytuco

      I’m right there with you. I find the line to be very uneven aesthetically. It looks like it comes from several different universes. In those pictures above I see some alright guys in jump packs that look like little planes strapped to their backs, a mech that looks like it’s from Dust, IG-88’s brother with a bad hat, a mech that looks like it’s from Robotech, and some generic-looking bazooka dudes.

      I get that they’re from different armies, but they’re still within the same game universe. None of this looks like it came off the same planet.

      • hvedhrungr

        I think the main factor contributing to your – and my – impression is that there really is no continuous design language in the Warlord releases for Konflikt ’47. As far as I understand, it’s supposed to be a kind of pulp diesel punk apocalypse. It’s difficult, however, to put that many different influences together and come out with a coherent design.
        See, the walker mechs by themselves are almost fine. The rivets on the Soviet mech are over-accentuated, but I could forgive that as an aesthetic choice to promote the Soviet function before form philosophy (in those circumstances). But then you get the British automatons who share no characteristics whatsoever with the other machines. Add to the fact that the American jump packs seem lightyears ahead in both aesthetic and function to the British automatons. And we haven’t even gotten to the heavy infantry yet, which again, is decades ahead of both the walker design and the Britich tinheads.

        No, it really doesn’t go together, and I’ve had this impression with previous releases as well. I can’t speak to the rules and play experience of Konflikt ’47, and it might be a decent game after all is said and done. But the careless and haphazard way in which the forces are put together, certainly put me off.
        As @crazytuco:disqus said, it really looks like they came off different planets…

        • Andrew Franke

          @hvedhrungr I think you make some good points. I also think that while @disqus_sqrdmY1zwe:disqus May not respect Dust Studios Paolo Parente has designed a very specific art style and world.
          I think Warlord suffers from the fact that they may not have had an ART designer present them and their sculptors with a world “Look and Feel”. Speaking only for myself as an artist this is ESSENTIAL if you are trying to get a shared world look. Descriptions just don’t cut it.

          Look at Mutant Chronicles for example. The Art style no matter whose hands it has passed through has remained true to the original Art Design for the original project. This is because it saves a new company money but also because those concepts work and work well together.

          • hvedhrungr

            True, it seems as if they don’t have an art director. But I suppose it’s much more likely Warlord has somebody in that position, but they don’t stick to their guns, or give really ambiguous descriptions. I can’t think of any other way for things to turn out the way they have with Konflikt ’47.

          • Andrew Franke

            Warlord has not done a lot of Art for Konflict 47 which leads me to wonder if they are using an art director on this project or just letting the MIni’s speak for themselves.

            Compare the art on this page for the Miniature Boxes(not the army Boxes or Rules) with This page You will need to scroll down some to see the art on the vehicle Boxes. Then look at the Antares link here.

            Even there where they leave the models to speak for themselves they have done a unified art theme and used Photoshop to good effect on the Boxed Sets to give each different army a background and feel.

            This is why I think art direction is lacking on this project. There is no feel for each army or theme as such that you can find emotionally. Yes I can rationally find a theme with the Brits but I want art to speak to me. Games Workshop does this better than anyone sadly. But Warlord has done it well on most projects just not this one.

  • James Ackerman

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