New Klingons and Federation for Star Fleet from Mongoose Publishing

By Polar_Bear
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Mar 6th, 2013

Mongoose Publishing posted up some new releases for Star Fleet: A Call To Arms.

From the announcement:

Four new ships have just been released for the Star Fleet range, and Klingon players are going to have a good day with the coming of the E5 Battle Corvette, F5W War Destroyer, and F6 Frignaut, a clutch of smaller ships that will terrorise much larger enemies!

To combat this, the Federation have launched the Star Tiger Light Raiding Dreadnought, a Fast ship that packs a great deal of firepower!

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  • Marauder

    Like the minis, but am wondering why all the new “boxes” have such a bizarre mix of ships? ACTA is very much a “pick your fleet, paint it up and fight” type game than SFB/FC. Back when I used to play SFB nobody was ever that completely tied to a faction because you usually only controlled 1 or 2 ships at a time. In ACTA you control a whole fleet – so it makes sense for people to lock into one and paint up their own models. From the SFB perspective having a whole mix of ships to use in different scenarios makes sense – from an ACTA perspective it doesn’t.

    I have a fed fleet box and squad box, but no way am I touching any of these new boxes coming out. I would by a squad box with some of the newer ships (NCL, DW, NCA, NCF) that you can currently only buy as singles. Certainly not interested in yet another Battle Cruiser!


    • cama

      IDK what you are getting at with all those acronyms. QFT!

      • kalamadea

        ACTA- A Call to Arms
        SFB- Starfleet Battles
        FC- Federation Commander

        NCL, DW, NCA, NCF – class designations for ships by type such as NCL = New Light Cruiser

  • scottjm

    I’m surprised they don’t have more squadron boxes composed of just FFG, FFB, DW and maybe an OCL or NCL included. How many DNG and BCH does a guy need?

  • Thraug

    I wish I still had players to play SFB with. I miss the good old SFB days, … I think.

  • Marauder

    @ cama – sorry for the acronym spam. Thanks for clearing it up kalamadea!

    @ scottjm – exactly!!!

    @ Thraug – probably more fun to reminice then to actually play again 😉 I quite enjoyed ACTA for a while – gave you the SFB feel without the same pain (but still a little pain due to waiting forever for the minis and the onslaught of errata).