New Kerr & King releases

Kerr & King have released a new base set as well as a new 15mm WWII objective.


From their website:

As is traditional, we bring you some new goodies on Boxing Day, this year we have a couple of new items fistly we have KK-256 following on from the success of our recently released 60mm weighted base we brought you the next logical step 30mm weighted Bases, superb for single flying figures such as Jump troopers, I’m currently re-doing all my Tau Drones to fit on these as I am well pleased with my Piranahs and Devilfish on the 60mm ones.

Next up we’ve got KK-257 a 15mm Machine Gun Nest/Objective Marker, a really nice wooden bunker that could house a HMG or as per the rules in FoW of conversly it could server perfectly well as a command / observation bunker for an objective.