New Infected Miniatures available from Pig Iron Productions

Pig Iron Productions has some new Infected minis available over in their webshop.
Reminds me I still need to get a flu shot.


From the announcement:

This month sees the release of our new 28mm ‘Infected’ minis.

These figures are generic range of Infected humans that can be used for a variety of different scenarios such as: Rage virus victims, debased Vampire covens, Demonic possession, Plague victims, Cannibal cults, Post Apoc scavengers, Zombie plagues, Mutants or Alien infestation victims. The only real limit is your imagination.

They are available in a variety of different pack sizes with more ‘Infected’ releases coming in the new year.

Figures are single piece castings with a ‘peg’ type basing method. Bases not included.

8 figure packs are £16.00 + p&p and 4 figure packs are £8.00 + p&p

They are available to buy now from our shopping cart and will be filtering into our overseas distributors over the coming weeks.

  • cannondaddy

    TGN needs a “Like” button.

  • Oh my… those are dead cool. (snirk)

    PIP has one good idea after another. You better cast up a bunch of those.

  • Killraven

    Very nice. I’ve been looking a long time for emaciated/drugged/starved human-type models to use as Skaven Slaves, and these just might fit the bill. Too danged many “zombie” style models have missing parts or huge open wounds that always mess up the usage options.